Windows Live (and LiveSide) in the news

windowslive News This morning's Seattle Times had a feature article on Driving the Windows Live initiative in the Business and Technology section. Reporter Ben Romano provides an overview of Windows Live, talks about how the company has "struggled to clearly articulate Windows Live internally and externally", which is apparently by design, as Romano quotes Adam Sohn, director of global sales and marketing public relations for Windows Live saying "We never planned to shout from the rooftops until we have stuff in the market". Romano then relates how Windows Live will be strongly linked to Vista, how the changeover from MSN products to Windows Live is more than a simple re-branding, and how much the company is putting into developing Windows Live.

In the article, Romano also mentions LiveSide (and quotes me!). He had contacted us about some background information for the article, and we were happy to talk to him. Even though LiveSide is read throughout the world, there's something about seeing your name in the local paper ;)

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