Windows Live Toolbar released out of beta!

wltoolbar%20new%20icon News I'm not sure how many of you use the Windows Live Toolbar, but for those of you that do you might like to know that the Windows Live Toolbar is now out of Beta and can be downloaded here or from the Windows Live Toolbar site at

The Windows Live Toolbar will let you:

-Start and refine a search from any web page.
-Guard against Web fraud and viruses
-Block bothersome pop-ups and adjust settings as needed.
-Customize your toolbar and select the features you wish to install.
-Personalize your toolbar with custom buttons
-Use the options drop down to change settings for your toolbar.
-Turn addresses into maps from any web page
-Collect, Save and Share with Onfolio
-Open multiple web pages within the same browser window with tabbed browsing.
-Access your favorites from any PC.
-And much more… livetoolbar News