Windows Live Local Comes to Australia with Aerial Imagery

wllocal%20new%20icon News Not long ago I made a post on my own blog about Windows Live Local Coming to Australia after seeing this post on a Windows Live Local Australia Blog announcing it, unfortunately though Windows Live Local imagery support for Australia never happened!

However now that's all changed because Windows Live Local really does have full support for Australia:

Street Address Lookups (geocoding) – Try entering 27 Polglass Way, Ardross, WA , AU in the WHERE field. If your map view is centered somewhere in Australia, you of course don't need to specify the country and can just enter 27 Polglass Way, Ardross, WA

Driving Directions – Get directions between addresses, landmarks, or just right click on the map to set a waypoint. Here is a route from the Rocks to Perth – its a 48 hour drive. bring lots of water.

Business Listing search and overlay. View up to three layers of Business listings at a time. move around the map and watch them refresh automatically. here is a query in Brisbane for Hotels, Pharmacies and Cassinos

Detailed street network and Aerial Imagery – Until now WLL has had major city coverage in AU, but with this release the Windows Live Local Team have rolled out a detailed national street network based on data from MapData Sciences. GeoEye is supplying lots of high res aerial imagery for major cities as well.

Full API and Developer support – Get started with the Virtual Earth interactive SDK. Application developers have access to everything mentioned here making adding location services to your website a snap.

COLLECTIONS! – People have been creating Collection in AU since the Team launched the feature a few months ago, but now you can view and create on a much improved base of imagery and streets. Here are a few to get you started. If you create a Collection you want to share with the world, be sure to post it to

Pass The POI.
AFL Venues
State Capitals of Australia
Live Cams in Sydney
Some Random Landmarks and more
3 Mobile Dealers in WA
Blue Mountains Restaurants

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