Windows Live Messenger Build 8.0.0812 Released

wlmessenger%20new%20icon News It's been less than two months since the final release of Windows Live Messenger, and already it is reported that a new build was released last night. But as of yet there's been no official word as to what the changes are in Windows Live Messenger Build 8.0.0812, so I expect they are only minor changes but hey it would be nice to know what’s changed.

So why not download the new build and search for yourself to see if you can find anything new.

Happy searching!

Update: WLM Build 8.0.0812 has changed very little from its previous build, so the fixes will not be obvious to the user as of such but you can be assured that some of these fixes will fix connection issues when sending/receiving messages along with using the webcam.

Update 2: Leah at the MessengerSays blog has posted about the issues fixed in this build. Most notably, as mentioned earlier, improvements have been made to the quality of the audio and video. Some other bugs have been fixed, helping out with "crashes, hangs, and connectivity issues."

Windows Live Messenger 812 Changes

Also just so you know, the following files have changed: