Welcome to LiveSide, ummm, 2.0

livesidelogo News Well if you're reading this you've made it to our new site!  We have just made the switch to Windows Server 2003/Community Server, and we're excited about it, even though it's been a lot of work migrating over.

With a new better site come some new responsibilities for us, and we've joined with Federated Media to help us pay down some of the costs.  We'd like to ask you to take a quick survey to help them place the kinds of ads you'd like to see here.  You can take the survey here.

We'd love to hear your comments good or bad on the new site and how it's working for you.  Comment here or you can always email us.

Oh one sad note on comments.  While we have and will always cherish the comments you made on the old site, unfortunately we were not able to migrate them over. 

 So we get to wipe the slate clean and start fresh – you don't have to start a new account, just reset your password, and then feel free to add an avatar and a link to your site or blog.