Office Live: Will it include Works?

thumb News Office Live, the web hosting, custom domain, and website creator, may soon be incorporating another feature: an online version of Microsoft Works, according to Business Week:

The company is working on plans to offer a free version hosted on its Office Live Web site, as well as a subscription flavor with more bells and whistles. While it's not a done deal, the company is throwing a lot of manpower at the project. "It's not a small number (of people working on the project) to be sure," says Chris Capossela, vice-president for Microsoft's Business Division Product Management Group. "This is core. We want to win this space."

Office Live, currently in beta, with international betas planned for this fall, has been enjoying steady growth as more and more potential customers try it out.  Email hosting will soon be switching from Hotmail to Windows Live Mail.  With plenty of competition in the hosted services space, expect Office Live to continue to improve.

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