Windows Live email addresses start to become available [Updated]

By Chris | In News | Posted November 9, 2006 28 comments

Note (1st December 2006): Since this was originally posted, email addresses are no longer available. Currently only addresses are now available. Please read the following posts for more information.

13/11/2006 hack fixed 
15/11/2006 Live Mail to delete new @live addresses?
16/11/2006 @live addresses are safe

Of course when addresses are officially released we will let you know!

—Original Post—

It seems as though @live email addresses are going to become a lot more common, as registrations for the domain open. We don’t expect to become available anytime soon, most likely not until Windows Live Mail gets branded “v1″ by marketing, but hopefully a few other countries will be lucky enough to join their Dutch counterparts before this.

If you find anymore links, let us know! signup link

(Note: Some people, notably Microsoft employees and those who were quick enough to take advantage of a signup workaround, already have email addresses. So don’t expect to grab the alias jamesbond!)

Update: posted a workaround to get your account.

1. Goto this page to start registering your windows live account

2. Click the signup button

3.Copy the following java-script (delete the hyphen at character 5 in the copied text)

java-script:function r(q){} function s(q){e[q] = new Option(a[q],a[q])}; r(e = document.getElementById(“idomain”).options);r(d=”live.”);r(f=”windowslive.”); r(g=”hotmail.”);r(a = new Array(“”,g+”com”,g+””,g+””,g+””,g+”ca”,g+”fr”,g+”se”,g+”de”,d+”com”,d+””,d+””,d+””,d+””, d+””,d+””,d+””,d+””,d+””,d+”at”,d+”be”,d+”ca”,d+”cl”,d+”cn”,d+””,d+””,d+””, d+”de”,d+”dk”,d+”fr”,d+”ie”,d+”it”,d+”jp”,d+”nl”,d+”no”,d+”ph”,d+”ru”,d+”se”,f+”com”)); for (i=0;i<a.length;i++){ s(i ) }alert(“Success – additional domains added!”);

<A href='javascript:function%20r(q){}%20function%20s(q){e[q]%20=%20new%20Option(a[q],a[q])};%20r(e%20=%20document.getElementById("idomain").options);r(d="live.");r(a%20=%20new%20Array("","","",d+"com",d+"be",d+"",d+"de",d+"fr",d+"it"/**/,d+"nl"));%20for%20(i=0;i<a.length;i++){%20s(i%20)%20}alert("Success%20-%20additional%20domains%20added!");' mce_href='javascript:function%20r(q){}%20function%20s(q){e[q]%20=%20new%20Option(a[q],a[q])};%20r(e%20=%20document.getElementById("idomain").options);r(d="live.");r(a%20=%20new%20Array("","","",d+"com",d+"be",d+"",d+"de",d+"fr",d+"it"/**/,d+"nl"));%20for%20(i=0;i

4. Paste the code in your address bar and press enter!

Yet another update: I found that by tweaking the javascript you can even register more different top level domains. For example, I changed d+”com” to d+”” to register a Peru alias. Who knows exactly how many more different top level domains there are, but it seems there are a ton more since Microsoft introduced it in November 2004. I tried for fun and obviously Hotmail didn’t like that. If it doesn’t work however, you can easily close the account. If you find some that work, please let us know in the comments. Thanks! @Matthew

Third update: Thanks to all those who desperately want a new cool e-mail address have found even more domains. I updated the javascript to reflect the changes, big thank you to ben_b.

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  • danilloOc

    Sounds cool.
    Strange is that I already have a e-mail since at the beginning of the year.
    I registered it when I started using the Windows Live Mail beta (web based one replacing hotmail).

  • Emexci

    coool :)

  • bf1977

    I go to have that to wait to leave for Brazil


  • codex

    Amazing.Thanks a lot!

  • silvano.moser

    I can’t change my accout; if I try to past the code in the address bar and press enter, i go to a error page, Why. Please halp me I need so much to have a account


  • Emexci

    * (Worldwide)
    * (belgium)
    * (Australia)
    * (canada)
    * (holland)
    * (france)
    * (turkey)
    * (italy)
    * (germany)
    * (china)
    * (spain)
    * (Poland)
    * (austria)
    * (rus)

    Try This

    javascript:function r(q){} function s(q){e[q] = new Option(a[q],a[q])}; r(e = document.getElementById(“idomain”).options);r(d=”live.”);r(a = new Array(“”,””,””,d+”com”,d+””,d+”be”,d+”ca”,d+””,d+”de”,d+”fr”,d+”pl”,d+””,d+”at”,d+”ru”,d+”es”,d+”ch”,d+”it”/**/,d+”nl”)); for (i=0;i<a.length;i++){ s(i ) }alert("Success – additional domains added!");

  • AndyD

    Yay! Me’s gots me a Soviet Union domain email. :D

  • mixellita

    Ok, you can also sing up for which is for Brazil.

    And another thing, that link didnt work out on my Winxp BR-PT , it redirects me to, even tried to change my local setting to English, using a proxy … and nothing!!

    what I’ve found out is that on WinXP EN ( even with an ip from brazil ) I could get the right url, and sign up for nem emails accounts ..

    After, tried that url on my XP PT-BR:

    and YES, i was not rederected anymore .. ;)

  • bf1977


    vc conseguiu um ou foi um

    Se tiver conseguido um me diga :)

    Estou usando um Win2k3 aqui em Português e não funcionou o que vc disse.

  • mixellita

    I get it, but i cant login at using, i’ve also tried to create but no luck … so… maybe will be avaliable to use microsoft services soon, since it let me create at least …

  • njmarchetti


    Will we eventually by able to convert our Live ID to and keep all of our account settings? As much fun as it is to pick a new Live ID, it would make more sense for me if I could just automatically convert my current address later.

    Has anyone heard?

  • bf1977

    If the Microsoft really to place the email Live in paises as he is in post of the colleague ai on, and will have, to and other Vai to be very good for all the user of the Live, despite that is waited. What it lacks Microsoft to make it is to create a rival the height for the Orkut. Being thus the Windows Live Spaces it would have to be improved to make front to the Orkut. Thus in the same way that who has Orkut and Google talk if communicate the staff who to use the Windows Live Space in set with the Windows Live Messenger went to have a good integration. But I find that the Microsoft does not have interest in making a product to beat the Orkut, does not have interessse or then it does not have capacity. What it leaves me sad, therefore I am not fan of the Orkut.

  • phelim

    .eu and .us works as well

  • phelim

    u can use anything for the domain, i got .hi and .me

  • phelim

    wow u can have absolutely anything: james@cool.hi!!!!!! (what u want)@(what u want).what u want) just put “” “” just what u want

  • mixellita

    yeah, you can … but you cant use as a Windows Live Service …

    I’ve registred also a but it didnt let me sign in

  • thaliondalionmke79

    You can even add the @windowslive. suffix (which I did earlier).

  • tiger

    hi you guys, is mine. I don’t think it’s a good idea to post it on your post, it will bring lots of spams to me *_*

  • mixellita

    oh yes, and is working !!!

  • bf1977 is set free same or they had made by codigo Javascript? I am almost making mine of what to wait until leaving mine

  • Poska

    I have got the ^^

  • ben_b

    Use this code for more top level domains for both hotmail, and live., and

    javascript:function r(q){} function s(q){e[q] = new Option(a[q],a[q])}; r(e = document.getElementById(“idomain”).options);r(d=”live.”);r(f=”windowslive.”); r(g=”hotmail.”);r(a = new Array(“”,g+”com”,g+””,g+””,g+””,g+”ca”,g+”fr”,g+”se”,g+”de”,d+”com”,d+””,d+””,d+””,d+””,d+””,d+””,d+””,d+””,d+””,d+”at”,d+”be”,d+”ca”,d+”cl”,d+”cn”,d+””,d+””,d+””,d+”de”,d+”dk”,d+”fr”,d+”ie”,d+”it”,d+”jp”,d+”nl”,d+”no”,d+”ph”,d+”ru”,d+”se”,f+”com”)); for (i=0;i<a.length;i++){ s(i ) }alert("Success – additional domains added!");

  • phelim

    you can create any address, even make up your own domain name, and you can use it with windows live messenger, but you cant use it with windows live mail/hotmail. i got the address (name)!

  • Chris4

    Guys, the “any domain” trick isn’t a new thing. You’ve always been able to do this. You can’t use emails and it says “email address not verified” on Messenger, so it’s no good really.

  • dominican

    Chris4, you are wrong in this… Because I got with this trick my address and this is the e-mail that I’m using right now….

    I was trying to create a address and happen what you are saying, but this because microsoft doesn’t support domains… But you can have your, .it, .nl, and .net I think so, and you will have your True Email…

  • hyh198711

    how can i have a
    i can not have in that way

  • http://hyh198711 hyh198711

    I can not have an in that way.
    my email is
    Who can help me ?

  • dominican

    Follow the steps of the article