Windows Live Mail desktop Updated

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Build 1172 of Windows Live Mail desktop just went live on  This is the first publically available update for WLMd in about a month and a half, so needless to say there have been a lot of improvements since the last build.  Alright, let’s just jump right into it.

New in this build
–  Migration from Windows Mail in Vista (Bug fixes and more support.)
–  Minimize to the System Tray (Apparently they have made some sort of update to this based on user feedback.  Still not sure what was changed.)
–  Windows Desktop Search 3.0 Integration (Pretty much self explanatory.)
–  Improved Sorting
–  Synchronization Improvements (Thank you!)
–  Performance Updates (Obviously crucial to WLMd’s success, although the last build was pretty tight as far as performance goes)
–  Hundreds of bug fixes since the last build.

Go and grab the new build here.

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