Windows Live OneCare competition

By Chris | In News | Posted December 20, 2006 13 comments

Update: This competition is closed. We’ll have another one when Windows Live OneCare 1.5 launches in January 2007. 

As its Christmas, we’re giving out 5×1 year subscriptions for Windows Live OneCare 1.1, good for use on upto 3 PCs and upgradeable to Windows Live OneCare 1.5 when it is released in January. (Value $49.95 online). Although Windows Live OneCare 1.1 is supposed to be US only, we’re going to open the competition up a little bit more. See the requirements below.

How to enter: 

You have from now until 25th December to post on your own blog about why you’d like Santa to visit you, and then tag it with “Windows Live OneCare Competition”. Only posts appearing on this technorati page or that trackback to this post will be considered as entries. From these we’ll select 5 winners at random.

Many thanks to the Moderator team on the Windows Live OneCare forums who donated these subscriptions.


  • A PC that runs Windows Live OneCare
  • An English language version of Windows XP (US, UK, Canada, Australia, NZ etc)
Posted December 20th, 2006 at 3:31 am
  • bf1977

    It could be cheaper!

  • mark_memory

    although it can’t run in chinese windows system and the chance of win is slim ,i think i will try.

  • ScottIsAFool

    Not many entries yet Mark, so who knows ;)

  • JonT


    Cant seem to get WL Spaces to trackback :S so i’ve put the link in the post instead :)


  • Chris

    No problem Jon. We’re looking at referral links too just in case trackbacks aren’t working.

  • JonT

    ah damn it, only just realized that I’ve actually posted the article link in my comment above, not my post :( the post it actually at!A25B4941DF4B983B!120.entry

  • someguy_007

    I cant seem to get mine to trackback either

    Anyway here is my Poor attempt!79D4292E84F9D2B9!115.entry

  • Pal

    I’ve promoted this exciting news on @L!VE, a site foucsing on Windows Live News in Chinese :) Unfortunately, it seems that there’s still few entries taking part in this competition. So, if could, i’d like to be one of these competitors as i’ve been satisfied with all this Competition needs. Yes, an OneCare running on an english ver XP :)

    As liveside’s trackback goes down, entry can be found here:


  • Harrison Hoffman

    Pal, we saw your entry on the Technorati tag already. Thanks for spreading the word and yes, of course you can be in the contest!

  • galsi
  • someguy_007

    When is this being drawn?

  • Harrison Hoffman

    We’re working it now someguy, we’ll probably announce the winner in a few days.

  • someguy_007

    Great to hear, Thanks for the chance