LiveSide turns 1

One year ago today, LiveSide launched.  To celebrate our birthday, we are going to be having a few giveaways and contests over the next few days, but first I thought that I would share some interesting facts about LiveSide from the last year.

Most Popular Post
Windows Live Messenger Final – Sneak Peek – This post where we showed off the Windows Live Messenger UI for the first time gained a lot of popularity and even racked up over 200 comments.  Although the comments are not there anymore since our move to Community Server, this was by far the most commented upon post that we have ever had.

Most Popular Interview
Leah Pearlman – Messenger.  This interview has been downloaded over 30,000 times, making it our most popular.

562 Posts Total
2,250 Inbound Links
(According to Technorati)
Over 350,000 Unique Visitors

Thank you all for your support over the past year.  We really enjoy keeping you all informed and we look forward to keeping it going in 2007. 

For what its worth, I also put together a cool little Windows Live collage to commemorate the occasion.  This is what the Windows Live picture looks like today.  The icons were supposed to be clickable but for some reason Community Server doesn’t like my image map.

original News

If you want a downloadable version of this, it’s available in a variety of sizes here.

Added Live Gallery to the mix. (This one’s for you Chris B.) :)