Windows Live Mail? No? How about Windows Live Hotmail….?

By ScottIsAFool | In News | Posted February 8, 2007 19 comments

Ok, so this whole Windows Live rebranding thing has been pretty messy at times, services renamed, sometimes many times (Live Maps anyone?) and today sees this trend continue. So first off we had Hotmail, then Kahuna (this was the codename), then Windows Live Mail, and now, according to Richard Sim on the Live [Hot]mail team blog it is going to be known as Windows Live Hotmail.

In the blog post, he doesn’t really give out too much previously unknown information, but he does hint that Live Hotmail will be coming soon:

“As we prepare to launch the final version of our new web mail service, we recognize the importance of ensuring that our 260+ million existing customers come over to the new service smoothly and without confusion. By adopting the name “Windows Live Hotmail”, we believe we’re bringing together the best of both worlds – new and old. We’re able to offer the great new technology that Windows Live has to offer while also bringing the emotional connection many existing and loyal users have with Hotmail.”

So the old Hotmail users won’t be confused, but what about Windows Live enthusiasts? All I can say is, meh, we’re all used to it by now smile_wink.


Posted February 8th, 2007 at 4:59 am
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  • JoeM

    I always knew Windows Live Mail was HOT. Now everone will know too. At least it is being done before the products is pushed out to everyone.

  • Nick

    I kinda liked Live Mail, was soo nice to say, and I got a address out of it, lol

  • talonmke1979

    what about the desktop version? will it be Windows Live Hotmail desktop?

  • Zaarin

    I want my Live MSN Spaces

  • bf1977

    My two God Then I go to have e-mails LIve? Windows Mail Live and Hotmail Live? Very good this, the excellent news

  • azz0r

    This is an excellent idea!

    I preferred just Live Mail but this is much better for brand recognition!

    Now I hope they rename Windows Live Mail Desktop to Windows Live Mail.

  • wideawakewesley

    This is a bloody stupid idea. The moniker’s should be getting shorter not longer. It sounds lame too. I suppose we’ll get Windows Live Desktop Hotmail now too. Hell, why not rename Messenger as Windows Live MSN Messenger seeing as everyone still calls it MSN Messenger.

  • tophtucker

    “what about the desktop version? will it be Windows Live Hotmail desktop?”

    Doubt it. In fact, as azz0r points out–

    “Now I hope they rename Windows Live Mail Desktop to Windows Live Mail.”

    –it gives them a chance to differentiate the two. WLMd has always done more than just Windows Live Mail accounts, so might as well just call it Windows Live Mail now.

    As for the name change, it’ll reduce confusion among those switching from MSN Hotmail, at least. And on the plus side, now we can just keep calling it Hotmail… why say the ‘Windows Live’ part every time now that it has a unique service name (as opposed to the generic ‘Mail’)?

  • Chris

    But “Windows Live” is supposed to differentiate the new range of products and services from the old style MSN products. If you keep the same names “Hotmail, Messenger, Spaces” and drop the prefix, then you end up back at square 1.

    Ok not quite at square 1, you’ve wasted a few million $ in branding and marketing most likely. But hey who’s counting.

  • rhann

    microsofts got a few billion, so they won’t really notice

  • bf1977

    As an afterthought this change of name did not please me! If I have an email of the Hotmail, that continues being Hotmail or moves for Windows Live Hotmail. Now I that I also have one, want that he continues as Windows Live Mail, after all the Windows Live Mail I am a new service and the Hotmail is a older service, that the Hotmail moves for Windows Live Hotmail. But that who has it continues being Windows Live Mail. Now who makes confusion with the names is person layperson in computer science and Internet, because any one knows to differentiate an email Hotmail that is a service and the new Windows Live Mail. I find that the Microsoft is giving a shot in the foot if to on account change the name of the Windows Live Mail of people whom nor they know to work with a PC and they confuse name of services. Serious Microsoft speaks!

  • Zaarin

    Google translate?

  • CalumJR

    I don’t understand why people keep saying Hotmail users will “get confused if they changed to Windows Live Mail”. I don’t understand that????

    Surely people know MSN is owned by Microsoft (if they don’t they can look at the bottom of and Windows is a Microsoft product…thus, even a dumbass could be able to make the connection that they have just changed the name of Hotmail, especially if they are curently using Windows Live Messenger!

    Another reason why I find it hard to believe is because I don’t see how anybody can be so pathetic as to get “confused” and start “despising” the service if only part of the name was “Mail” instead of “Hotmail”. People do not need to “get used to the change”, I mean the whole UI has changed and part of the name has changed anyway (“Windows Live” instead of “MSN”). All MS need to do is put a mesage on the Hotmail homepage to inform these pathetic conservative n00bs that the service and name has changed to “Windows Live Mail” and then re-direct them after they have signed in.

    To say “people need to get used to the change” is pathetic – especially when you are just adding three more childlike and stupid letters to the already awesome name, making it longer, childish and harder to say!

    P.S. Also, if people need to get used to the change from “Hotmail” to “Windows Live Mail”, why didn’t they need to get used to the change from “MSN Messenger” to “Windows Live Messenger”……pathetic!

  • Legion

    Aw, for the love of — !

    What’s the next name going to be?! Microsoft MSN Windows Live Hot Email HTML Message Center Internet Edition For Computer Users?!

    Windows Live Mail was JUST. FINE. I can’t see anyone being any more confused over a branding change from Hotmail to Live Mail than they would be by the name change from Outlook Express in XP to Windows Mail in Vista. Whoever came up with this 11th-hour branding change needs to be FIRED.


  • CalumJR

    I agree with Legion there fully about the OE and WM name changes!And I hope the project manager for Windows Live “Hotmail” sees these comments!

  • sxmangel

    I agree with Chris, they’re wasting money on name changes and crappy marketing strategies [well…lack there of]

    You’d think that the biggest problem would be on the technical inside. Instead it’s figuring out a name for these things. If the services are branded as ‘Live’ products, then all the names should involve Live and Live alone. Let it stick to Live Mail, Live Spaces, Live Messenger etc. and be done with it. They’re constantly branding and re-branding.

    I wonder if it takes people this long to name their kids….

  • OceanMotion

    It truly is backwards. They have a chance blew the doors off with a new brand, nice looking interface across all products but instead it’s a mess with no sense of direction. Personally, I think it doesn’t even need the Windows name to be so prominent.

    Live Mail
    Live Space
    Live Messenger
    Live Maps
    Live Soapbox

    Those are all perfect, short and sweet. Sure, plaster the Windows name on them but not their official names when you promote them. It’s so quick and easy. Who the hell says Windows Hotmail ? Exactly. They don’t need anything more. The Windows name will be there on the web pages clearly as always but do not refer to them as Windows “Such and such”.

    I can’t understand how MS are all over the place with this. The people making these decisions shouldn’t be after this continued mess. Bite the bullet take a hit in pride and get some back. Ask you consumers for pete sake. Live “example” is simple and snappy. Jeez, was that hard. Well, we are MS and yes it is.

    Sad, very sad.

  • jimbob

    At least it will bring back some of that brand recognition I know some users were so willing to get back. Bit of a mouthfull though.

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  • cykotoxik

    This is just a total fiasco by the Microsoft research/marketing team. Thousands/millions spent on choosing a name and they come up with “Live”. Sigh. MS can be the butt of more jokes by Unix, Apple, etc. with having an anadrome of LIVE -> EVIL.

    MSN was just fine for Microsoft brand recognition. MSN is nice and short. Easily remembered and associated with Microsoft. Can also be formal, businesslike and can be placed with any age group/niche required. MSN Messenger, MSN Mail, etc. looks and sounds better then…sigh…Live Messenger, Live Hotmail, etc.

    It’s time for for whatever Microsoft Department that created this mess to publicly admit their mistakes and revert back all services to MSN. Or just research another name and transfer all the services to that name to avoid any confusion for anyone.