New Spaces themes available

Karen posted on the Space Craft yesterday that there are some new themes available for your Spaces blogs – including some LeBron James ones that are part of an upcoming LeBron challenge on MSN (for those international readers who haven’t been swept up by the NBA marketing machine, LeBron is a star player for the Cleveland Cavaliers basketball team.  Anyway the LeBron themes are only available in the US).  Here’s our LiveSide Spaces all decked out in a LeBron theme (btw join our friends list, and see the theme, at

lebronspaces_thumb News

Check out the Space Craft post for a list of new themes, or try them out on your own Space. Oh, and according to K:

Note: All of these themes are available in English speaking countries now and will be available worldwide at the end of the month with the exception of the Lebron themes which are currently only available in  the US.

Also, don’t forget that if you’re using the “Colors” feature to change the colors in your space (for text, links, backgrounds etc.), that your colors will be applied to the new themes when you browse through them.  To see the themes without your colors, go to Customize > Colors and click the link to “Clear your settings and use the default colors” (if you don’t click Save, you won’t lose your custom colors if you decide you don’t like any of the new themes. Make sure you click Cancel!)