MSN enter social news arena with Digg competitor – MSN Reporter

By Chris | Posted February 15, 2007 3 comments

As an ongoing part of MSN’s efforts to increase the amount of user generated content on its network, the Dutch MSN team has created MSN Reporter, a social news site similar to the likes of digg and reddit. Available in beta since October 2006, currently MSN Reporter has launched only in three markets, Netherlands, Belgium and Norway.

Allowing users to share and rate news on the site, it has a simple interface, much like the Digg of old. It also has Windows Live integration, with Alerts, add to and with a BlogIt! option sending posts straight to Windows Live Spaces. With buttons that says “Kicken!” and “Dumpen!” who doesn’t feel the urge to participate?

So far there has been considerable interest in the new service, with reportedly 500,000 and 800,000 users visting the site in the 1st and 2nd months respectively.  With articles getting upto 10,000 votes and 1,000 comments, this is a on a completely different level to most existing social news sites. This popularity does have some disadvantages though, with an increasing amount of spam now appearing on the site. What makes this such an exciting development however, is that the top 4 headlines from MSN Reporter are displayed on the homepage, for all to see. With popularity like this, we could be seeing the start of new era of social news on MSN.

Hat tip to Bink and Zoronax.

Posted February 15th, 2007 at 5:00 am
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  • sxmangel

    Hey I know this! It really is a pretty good extension of the MSN Nieuws. People who never went to the news page started heading over. And it’s probably going to get better.

    It would be cool to add this [or something like it] to
    MSNBC would use a bit of work.

  • tophtucker

    “MSNBC would use a bit of work.”

    Huh? I love MSNBC! I think it should stay a dedicated “big media” site. MSN, on the other hand, would definintely benefit from a little more social interaction and such. It’d be very cool if they rolled MSN Reporter out in other markets and did that feature-the-top-stories thing on That would certainly drive a lot of traffic to it.

    And yes, I do have a deep desire to click some “Kicken!” and “Dumpen!” buttons.



    Haha, they should keep those even if they roll in out in English-speaking markets. :D

  • sxmangel

    The News link on is different from the Nieuws link on sends you off to MSNBC while the sends you to an extension of, not the leading Dutch news corporation.

    Right now, Nieuws is a lil more enticing than News. **just my opinion**

    P.S. tophtucker: If they did translate KICKEN & DUMPEN to English…your buttons would say KICK IT or DUMP IT.