Why Will You Work Here?

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We’ve been doing some work on bringing you a better LiveSide (and helping to defray some of the expenses – this is a labor of love to be sure!).  As part of that, we’ve signed up for some new ads from Federated Media.  Interestingly, one of the ads is for jobs at MSN / Windows Live online services.  Talk about targeted advertising!  Ultimately linking back to Microsoft Careers, www.whywillyouworkhere.com has some nice information about Seattle and Puget Sound, a list of job categories, some info on employee and recruiter profiles, and even a reference to something called the MSN Media Network!  Go figure!

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Anyway, in case these ads don’t reach you in your locale (Chris is reporting getting some very cool Vista ads in the UK), here’s a quick look, or you can visit the website for more.