Windows Live Search Gadget

By ScottIsAFool | In News | Posted March 7, 2007 7 comments

There’s a new gadget in town according to the Live Search Team blog, one that allows you to search using Live Search. The gadget sits nicely in your sidebar and once you’ve put your search into it, just hit enter, and you get the now familiar flyout effect with your search results in it.

Sitting nicely whether docked or not

Your search results, nicely displayed for you.

As with most gadgets, installing this is easy, just go to the download page on Live Gallery, and click the download button.

Whilst on the subject of gadgets, we’ve heard that there is work being done on an official Messenger gadget…


Posted March 7th, 2007 at 8:30 am
  • paulstorm

    sweeeeet! Off to download. :-D Just in time for some Vista demoing I’ll be doing…

  • kdjani

    It is awesome. Very much like the searchbox you have on your website.

  • Khristopher

    That’s really awesome. Now if only I had Vista! :P

  • JoeM

    Verry good gadget. Would like to see an option to keep the serch results open after I click on a link. Also I would like a continuous scrolling.

    Hope more improvment is made to

  • Alber1690

    Talking about Live Search in general, has anybody noticed a difference in the appearance of Live Search and the results. Here’s what I’m talking about: I wrote that yesterday, and now I guess the changes have been made because they it seems to be like that on every search now and the Sponsored Sites are now visible.

  • donavon

    Keep those suggestion coming! There will very likely be a version 2 of this gadget and right now we’re compiling a list of new features that poeple would like to see. I can tell you that top on the list is a “close” button.

  • JoeM

    The big feature that is annoying, when I do a search and I click on a search result, I would like to have the option to keep the search window open