The future of Windows Live Mail desktop

By Chris | In News | Posted March 12, 2007 11 comments

There hasn’t been much news on Windows Live Mail desktop since 2006, with a minor update being released in February. With most Windows Live watchers expecting a v1 release at the beginning of the year, many are wondering what is happening to the product. Dare Obasanjo even joked at a rename to Outlook Express Live.

It seems to be that Microsoft is rethinking its mail client strategy, with the belief that two distinct free mail clients for Windows Vista (Windows Mail and Windows Live Mail desktop) is not the way to move forward. Instead, Mail desktop will evolve to become an enhanced Windows Mail client, which when installed will replace Vista’s Windows Mail. For those familiar with Mail desktop there will not be a huge change however for those using Windows Mail they will benefit from the integration of Live services.

While the name and details of the new product are unconfirmed, hopefully we should soon see a beta of Windows Live Mail for Vista.

Posted March 12th, 2007 at 9:03 am
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  • rhann

    what about XP?

  • MisinformedDNA

    Thank you. Thank you for LiveSide for the update. And thank you to the MS Execs who finally realized that another mail client from MS is just not needed.

    @rhann: There are still and will be many XPs users. I would expect them to have an XP edition as well. Windows Mail and OE are different enough that Windows Live Mail desktop will probably not replace OE. Just my guess.

  • Khristopher

    This article is a bit confusing :P Did you do that on purpose Chris? ;)

    Does that mean WLMd is finished and will be renamed to something else?

  • mrmckeb


  • Zaarin

    What is happening with the calendar?

    I’ve since moved across to Google calendar, for it’s ease of use, and that I can sync with my brothers calendar.

  • Chris

    Calendar is being worked on :)

  • azz0r

    How did you find this out?

    See now the thing is, I was wondering how WLMd was going to get crushed.

    – Remove Live branding, release as an updated version of Vistas Mail client
    – Take it out of beta, release an update for Vistas Mail client to update its functionality
    – Stop updating it, focus on Vistas Mail client

    All I’m really worried about is how they’ll do the updating. I quite like WLMd because of how it looks – it is somewhat customizable to, whereas Windows Mail is butt ugly and lacks any real customization.

    Its going to be interesting to see how this going.

  • Jesper

    Yes! Let’s get a Windows Live Calendar :-)

  • mrx9898

    Hmmm… I use windows XP, so I use Windows Live Mail desktop instead of Outlook Express… I think I’d rather they keep it a seperate product.

  • antisexy

    a good page :-)

  • bf1977

    And for the Windows Xp? Vai to have change or does not go to have version for the Xp?