LiveSide obtains Windows Live Calendar

By Kip Kniskern | In News | Posted April 1, 2007 20 comments

We’ve been hearing rumors of a new Windows Live Calendar for more than a year now, and thanks to a Microsoft employee in Belgium, we can finally show you that it really has been worth the wait.  Featuring the Windows Live flair, a clean look, hi-res photo manipulation, and a solid support mechanism, Windows Live Calendar has almost instantly become my favorite calendar.

In a surprise move, the new Windows Live Calendar is only available in German (but what a German!).  In addition, a companion support site – – features more of spokesmodel Lena Gercke.

Happy April, everyone, enjoy!

(want a calendar?  tell us why in the comments and the best answer gets one)

Posted April 1st, 2007 at 12:01 pm
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  • the andyman

    I’d like one please because …
    I’m the first person to ask ;)

  • yanverm

    Hey, this is fun! Could so send me a calendar?
    Why? Well because:
    1. I visit every day
    2. I’m testing all windows live products, so I’m a BIG BIG fan!
    3. Because of that female model “April” :-)
    4. Because, you got me with your april joke… and I can only forgive you if I receive that calendar (LoL)

    Greets! And keep up the good work and let’s hope, that live calendar will come out soon!

  • d91w

    I would like an invite.

    1. I have your rss feed on my homepage.
    2. I test as many of the betas I can.
    3. I’m starting a professional career as a financial advisor and I utilize the live service with my career
    4. I have my friends and family use live serices
    5. I tried getting the german version and failed.
    6. I would use the service everyday
    7. I would really appreciate it
    8. I would hand out any invites that I would get

    thanks for the update

  • ScottIsAFool

    Just to tease you a little bit more yanverm, the model in that picture is the only model in the whole calendar ;) All the months have different pictures of her :D


  • yanverm

    grrrr…. every month?? I want that calendar right now, ScottIsAFool :-) lol

  • vipwoody

    Thank you, I do not want any :P

    Because I know that’s an April fools joke ;)

  • Kip Kniskern

    Clarification: The calendar giveaway is no joke – we really have one to give away!

  • quikboy

    Hey, does anyone know the make of the laptop in the photo? It looks real cool.

  • JonT

    I would use the calender to keep track of all those important release dates etc for all the Windows Live products, as well as using it to make sure I know when im uni so I can pass my exams and one day work for Microsoft and be part of the Windows Live team.


  • vipwoody

    I would like to receive this calendar (if its true), because I am addicted to live services and like to get products with the Microsoft name signature (as the brand).

    My room’s color is blue, and that calendar is blue… therefore it gets along with my room.
    I am going to be a future Microsoft employee, and I would like to feel as I am special (like I’m one of tens to have this calendar in the whole world).

    Thank you liveside.

  • hUmAnzZ

    Too hot to be missed !
    I want one :)

  • Zaarin

    Because, I suppose it’s about time I updated to the Gregorian calendar.

  • Alber1690

    Because my ancestors developed the most accurate calendar known to mankind, the Aztec calendar. Lol, well, I’m Mexican, so I guess I can say that. And because I was about to buy a calendar today for $.99, but it was Apple-related, so I decided not to buy it, just like everyone else who didn’t buy it before it was sent to the $.99 store. Lol.

  • DavidK

    LOL that’s priceless!!!

  • LosHavros

    Erm… how about an actual Live Calendar service to go with Live Homail?!?! Microsoft spends their time doing this?!

  • bf1977

    If this, all beauty will be truth!
    But as yesterday it was of 1 of April the day of the lie

    hua hua hua

    I have mine you doubt!

    I did not observe nothing of calendar in the Spaces of the Windows Live!

  • jonathanyaniv

    I would like one because thats its the only thing missing from my Windows Live collection.

    And I really like LiveSide, and I hope it grows and grows, and grows, and grows, and grows, and rows, and gets more and more and more and more and more visitors, cause YOU GUYS ROCK! When ever I want to find something out about Windows Live, first place I check is I love getting those WL alerts, and Email alerts about new postings, this site is kept up to date. I love Scott’s Windows Live Writer plugins and the template(s) he has created for them. He knows how to explain stuff so that everyone will understand. Chris Overd is so nice, and so cool, he is so fun to talk to, he lightens up my day, and has done a wonderful job with The redesign of is beautiful. Thanks to Long Zheng for the design. You know that I will find any bugs on your site, or anything you guys create and tell you asap, thats why, i just found one while i was posting this, you guys may want to change your copyrighy year to 2007 Liveside. :-) Whenever one of my friends asks me where to find Windows Live related information, I tell them, check out, thats the best source of information for Windows Live. And they just love your site!

  • jonathanyaniv

    Forgot to add, Kip is super cool ;-)

  • nicknowsky

    Id like one because I said so??? Could that be the best reason for one??

  • Chris

    Just to close this off by saying we’ve contacted the winner by email. Congrats yanverm!