Windows Live Hotmail launches in Belgium and India

By Chris | In News | Posted April 16, 2007 13 comments

Its been coming for a while but finally some action – Windows Live Hotmail has just been launched in Belgium and India. While there is no change from the M10 build that launched a few weeks ago, its nice to see the service lose its beta tags. These two countries join the Netherlands, with more rollouts expected over the next few weeks.

And no, @live email accounts are not yet available to register for these new regions (nl signup) :(

We’ll keep you updated on future Windows Live Hotmail rollouts as they happen. Judging by the recent email sent to French users, they could be next…

Posted April 16th, 2007 at 5:56 am
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  • jerone

    Also The Netherlands (next to Belgium) has gone out of beta.

  • jerone

    “And no, @live email accounts are not yet available to register for these regions :(”
    When setting your language to Dutch, you can register for a account.

  • Chris

    Thanks, I’ve clarified the post a bit to show that. I meant the new regions :)

  • aho

    I can’t wait for this to launch in England!

  • yanverm

    “Aho”, you’re not missing a great thing… It’s just the same as the M10 update, just the word “beta” is gone… But it’s id cool when you can say you’re using the “final & official” live hotmail edition :-)

    Greets from Belgium ;-)


  • http://deltrey deltrey

    “And no, @live email accounts are not yet available to register for these regions :(”

    So maybe i’m late in the game. But can you get an email address in Canada yet? Because I can’t seem to find a way to register for one.

    I thought these address’s were supposed to be available for month ago. What’s the story?


  • Darren Straight

    @deltrey: Well at one point they were going to be released on the 20th June 2006 but then some problems arose and they were postponed, later on in November domains became available, but still no domains, that was until not lng after the release of did people find ways (hacks) of registering other @live domains, Microsoft blocked these little backdoors but then another way was found of registering them, that was again blocked. And well since then theres been no sign of / email addresses coming out.

    The US (not sure about canada) launch of Windows Live Hotmail is planned for possible the second week in May so will see if they are available then. :)

  • the andyman

    It makes sense to me to have a gradual rollout of WLH as they are doing, starting off with smaller markets/countries to make sure that it goes smoothly (they must have learnt something from the problems faced during the “test” launch in the Netherlands).
    If you consider how long it has been taking for the upgrades to the past few milestones to be implemented on different servers just for current testers then imagine how much work and is involved in upgrading whole nationalities of users.

  • yanverm

    Did you now you can now send mail attachments up to 120 MB with live hotmail plus? I saw it today on the new Belgian/Dutch pages of .

  • zlinko

    I would pay for Hotmail again if I knew the ads would be gone and I had a decent calendar.

  • DavidK

    I AM paying for it, so the calendar thing is really starting to bug me, I want the new one NOW! They’ll make me cry before long, I can’t stand using the Google calendar :(

  • Akos

    Hotmail has launched today in Hungary, too. Everything is the same, just the word beta is gone. And there is no :(

  • sgvdciphan

    I’ve been using the WLMail Desktop program, and I’ve probably got mixed feelings about it. I hate that I’ve had to hit the delete button multiple times within the “Unread messages” section, just to delete ONE MESSAGE! But other than that, it’s alright with me.