Comscore search figures for March: another incremental gain for MS


Comscore has released its latest online search engine rankings for the US, and Microsoft made another incremental increase in share of online searches in the month of March.  This marks the third gain after a number of months of disappointing losses.  In addition, online searches in total showed another strong gain, as the popularity of search engines continues to grow rapidly.


Share of Online Searches by Engine

February 2007 – March 2007

Total U.S. Home, Work and University Internet Users

Source: comScore qSearch

  Feb-07 Mar-07

Pt Chg vs.

Previous Month

Total Internet Population




Google Sites 48.1 48.3 0.2
Yahoo! Sites 28.1 27.5 -0.6
Microsoft Sites 10.5 10.9 0.4
Ask Network 5.0 5.2 0.2
Time Warner Network 4.9 5.0 0.1


Americans conducted 7.3 billion searches online in March, up 6 percent versus February and 14 percent versus March 2006.

Google Sites led the pack with 3.5 billion search queries performed, followed by Yahoo Sites (2.0 billion), Microsoft Sites (798 million), Ask Network (379 million), and Time Warner Network (368 million).