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By Chris | In News | Posted May 12, 2007 10 comments

As the last post on Windows Live Folders got a bit too long, here’s further information on the Windows Live Folders service. Click to enlarge the screenshots.

After the intial signin to the service, the user is presented with the Folders homepage, showing the 3 folder types that can be created, as well as some default folders and a storage capactiy meter. After creating your own folders, these will appear on your homepage too. My storage meter says 250MB for the time being the beta should have more.

Windows Live Folders it not a difficult to use service, folder creation is straightforward, as it the uploading of files. Microsoft is aiming Windows Live Folders towards a large as market as possible, so the basic procedures need to be simple to promote adoption amongst the less tech-savy. The use of ajax to create new folders is nice, though the rest of the site could do with a little too. As we’ve seen with Windows Live Hotmail though, too much of a good thing can be bad.

Where Windows Live Folders gets slightly more technical is around folder options, in particular sharing folders between your friends. The process however is similar to sharing your Windows Live Spaces between friends, with the difference being you can chose the role of your friends – either reader or contributer. Much like with FTP services, reader only allows the contact read access to the folder and files, whereas contributer allows them to upload, edit and delete files as well. Creating publicly available files is as easy as private files and once you’re done, its a one-click process to share them via email. You can view my public folder here (now offline).

While Windows Live Folders appears to be a very basic service at the moment, that will surely change of the coming months, especially if a client is forthcoming. Performance and usability is probably the highest we’ve seen for any Windows Live beta, so the future definitely looks good.

Update: Folders is now in beta however there are no invites currently available. See all our posts tags Folders for the latest information or subscribe to our RSS feed to find out when the beta re-opens!

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  • Mango
  • xxdesmus

    The live site and your shared public folder are both down… any ideas how/where we can sign up for this beta? I’d love to get this a try ASAP.

  • Chris

    We’ll post some details on how to get in the beta in the near future. For now you just have to wait I’m afraid.

  • xxdesmus

    I think the images are linked to the thumbnails. When I click on the images (as you pointed out…I’m not a moron btw), it displays an image that is still quite small. Hence I said in my post that the images are quite small and useless.

  • Chris

    apologies, not quite sure how that happened. should all be fixed now.

  • xxdesmus

    Cheers :) I thought I was imagining things…

  • xxdesmus

    I forgot to add this here, …doesn’t anyone else think 250MB (or 500MB which others are saying) is pretty pathetic for storage capacity?

    AOL’s Xdrive is 5GB, Mozy is 1GB, and is 1GB all for free. Google’s storage is rumored to be “unlimited” whenever they release it. 500MB is pathetic, they need to offer a minimum of 5GB of storage for this to be half away successful.

  • bartyl

    bit of extra info:

    Savis communications bought for Microsoft, and bandwidth and communcations are managed through Level 3. ‘’ hosted by savis communications, and points to ‘’.

    Therefore, all externally managed and hosted. Doubt whether it will ever me intergrated into Microsoft directly. Is a domain for Microsoft for other projects as well? currently points to holding page.

  • Chris

    Xxdesmus – the storage capacity will increase, though I suspect we won’t see the final amount until the service launches out of beta. Why let the competitors like Xdrive know how much you will launch with until you actually do launch? :)

    bartyl – interesting. I’m not sure whether they’ve just redirected it pre-beta as it seems a little weird they’d be building all these datacenters and then having Folders hosted by a third party. There’s also some privacy concerns with that too.

  • yanverm

    It looks very good and usefull. I don’t think it will be the quantity (2-5 GB ?) that will count, but the quality (uploading/downloading speed). If you have to download 10 min. for 10 MB for example… I think a lot of people won’t be satisfied… So let’s hope the new microsoft or datacenters (as mentioned by bartyl) will be able to handle with this huge amout of bandwidth…