Windows Live FolderShare Beta – there is still hope

By Chris | In News | Posted May 28, 2007 5 comments

Looks like there is a ray of hope for those FolderShare users who’ve been out in the cold since Microsoft’s acquisiton of ByteTaxi back at the end of the 2005. Apart from a partial rebrand to Windows Live, there hasn’t been much to get exicted about, but that may be about to change.

A new FolderShare page on and a public foldershare newsgroup with some activity shows that FolderShare is getting some attention internally, suggesting that it may be a questions of when, not if, there is a new beta build.

To recap:

“FolderShare is a Windows Live Service that allows people to share their files with their friends, family & co-workers, and synchronize files across multiple devices. People can also access their files from anywhere on the web.”

So how does this compare to Microsoft’s other known storage products?
 – Windows Live FolderShare provides remote access to files via a web browser and also synching capabilities similar to that of Messenger’s Shared Folders.
 – Windows Live Folders is a cloud storage service, allowing you to store your files at a Microsoft datacenter thereby providing access to your files even if your home PC is turned off.
- Windows Home Server provides remote access to files via a web browser and mapped drive access if you are on the same network

You can try out FolderShare at

Posted May 28th, 2007 at 8:47 pm
  • tophtucker

    Oh goodness. Can’t they simplify? It’d be great if, say, WHS and WLF were integrated. WLF could provide the frontend for WHS sharing, or something. But this is just silly.

    SharedView also seems like it’s overlapping with Windows Meeting Space, among other things. Why can’t there just be one solution for each task? The unification of Windows Live Mail desktop, Windows Mail, and Outlook Express was a step in the right direction…

    That said, it’s all exciting stuff. :) It’s just so… confusing…

  • http://Bestofall-italsoworksontheMac prasenjeetd

    …including Intel Macs (on emulation). I hope they keep this feature when shipping a new version.

  • chels75

    The upcomming WLM 8.5 seems to be compatible with Windows Live Folders

  • rieuwa

    Great! I probably couldn’t live without foldershare at the moment…!

  • bf1977

    It is it are of air the site of the Windows Live Folders? I looked at here in a notice and the site is and it is not functioning. The site of the Windows Home Server, was not informed. The Windows Home Server functions equal which service?