Windows Live Messenger 8.5 beta available

By Chris | In News | Posted May 30, 2007 16 comments

Along with Windows Live Mail and Writer, Windows Live Messenger 8.5 has also entered beta today. Featuring the new Windows Live UI that we showed a few days ago complete with Aero support, Messenger 8.5 beta also includes improved compatibility for Windows Vista. Its also worth noting that a lot of work has been done on the backend systems, potentially providing support for future features. As was discovered from the leaked build a few days back, there is some hidden Windows Live Folders promotion within Messenger 8.5. Let us know if you find anything else :)

Screenshots (click to enlarge)

Another change is that Messenger 8.5 features Windows Live OneCare Family Safety integration. This allows parents to control their children’s access to Windows Live Messenger, both signing in and adding new contacts. Parents wanting to give this a try can access this functionality by logging into OneCare Family Safety, clicking the “Edit Settings” button and scrolling to the bottom of the page for the Allowed applications (Beta) section.

Windows Live 8.5 Beta (Download) (Build 517)
Windows Live Messenger 8.5 Beta homepage

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Posted May 30th, 2007 at 5:46 am
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  • InfinitySpeed

    Finally its arrived. I prefer the new UI to the one in 8.1.

  • CalumJR

    Fantastic!! I just wish I had a faster connection to download it on lol.

    The new UI looks way better!!

    It’s a shame to see from the posts and screenshots that some of these new WL products do not hav the Orb in the title bar on Vista!!! I hope they put this in!

  • mrx9898

    Hey, so is this a public beta yet? or still managed?

  • ScottIsAFool

    In terms of Mail, I actually prefer it without the orb. But then I always have been odd, I liked the original UI for WLM8 ;)

  • Chris

    mrx9898 – this is a public beta. There is no managed beta yet.

  • DN2004

    looks like there is some sort of Windows Live OneCare (The Suite) intergration under Tools>Options>Privacy>Windows Live OneCare

    There is a box that you can tick/untick which says “Show the Windows Live OneCare icon on my contact card” tried to look at my contact card but cant see it.

  • mrx9898

    Well what was the point of signing up on connect for all these programs if they’re all publicly available? Well anyways, I’m glad, New UI looks good, blends in with all the other programs more :D.

  • InfinitySpeed

    Alright well I have it setup, no problems. Works like a charm on Vista and XP Pro

  • Khristopher

    Well there is one major problem with this that is SERIOUSLY pissing me off. I’m forced to subscribe to contacts! I do not want this. I view my contacts by First/Last name and people do not fill out their contact info correctly. I went through all the trouble of manually updating people’s contact info and now it’s all getting messed up because of this. I unsubscribe, and it re-subscribes after awhile. VERY ticked off..

  • chels75

    still problems with Vista…

  • ScottIsAFool

    Phunky, right click a contact, edit contact details. Do you not have a check box for subscribing to contact details? If so, uncheck it.

  • mlc130104

    I cannot install wlm8.5…
    it stopped at 34%
    i have tried to install Simp Chinese and UK English but fail too
    (I use Trad Chinsese XP SP2)

  • lifesuk

    i m pissed off…
    installation cancelled itself after second installing dialog

  • Chris
  • yanverm

    Thanks for the installation procedure Chris, this worked realy fine like you told. I like the new interface, I hope they keep it like this ;-)

  • olliewally255

    The live preview thumbnails still haven’t been fixed…
    I wonder whether windows live onecare will follow the same theme?