Folders and Photo Gallery announced – more to come this summer

By Kip Kniskern | In News | Posted June 27, 2007 10 comments

Windows Live Folders and Windows Live Photo Gallery are set to begin limited managed betas, according to an announcement by Microsoft today.  Windows Live Folders, which we showed you when it briefly popped up back in May, is the first attempt at a “storage in the cloud” service for Windows Live.  The beta will provide 500mb of online storage at no charge, with a 50mb individual file size cap.  I talked to Chris Jones, Corporate Vice President, Windows Live Experience Program Management, who showed me around Folders and Photo Gallery, and while he expects Folders to be used for document storage, and not music, photo, or video storage, he expects Microsoft to be “very competitive” in the storage space they provide.

WL Folders Home Page 
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Windows Live Photo Gallery is a new product, an “upgrade” from the Windows Photo Gallery that comes with Vista, and which will be available as a free download for Windows XP SP2 as well.  Windows Live Photo Gallery will provide enhancements, such as a stitching tool, and will make posting photos to Spaces, or Soapbox for videos, far easier than it is today.

Photo gallery with captions

Windows Live Photo Gallery will be available in a managed beta in 9 worldwide markets (US, in English and Spanish), China, France, Germany, Great Britain, India, Japan, and Spain) with more to come.  Chris Jones made it clear that it’s very important to reach a global market with these services, so expect to see more countries added quickly.

In addition, Jones says to expect more from Windows Live in the summer months and into the fall.  We should see a Windows Live Suite this summer, to be able to easily install multiple Windows Live “software plus services” products at once.

We’ll continue to cover these new products at LiveSide in the coming days and weeks, remember to subscribe to our RSS feed and/or our Windows Live Alerts to get the latest in Windows Live news and information.

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  • Khristopher

    woo! but now where are they? the press release says they’ve started the betas. hmmm. i need to be a windows live butterfly again!

  • paulstorm

    :-) hey phunky — managed betas…so they are able to throttle/ramp usage deliberately…and do specific testing around certain scenarios before opening it up to the all in an open beta.

    Fun times ahead… :-) glad to see we’ve gotten to the point some of the plans are being talked about publicly now!

  • quikboy

    I don’t care much about Windows Live Folders, but Windows Live Photo Gallery sounds neat. I have XP SP2, so I’ll definitely be trying it. It looks pretty awesome to me. It’s at least one thing that looks cool. I wonder how it’ll compare to Google Picasa.

    It’s just too bad that Windows Live doesn’t have a Flickr like thing. They really need one, or else they might as well buy Flickr from Yahoo! and amp it up some more. I wonder if Windows Live PhotoZoom is a Flickr rival? Either ways, Windows Live needs a photo-sharing site. Besides Live Spaces.

  • G-Z

    They should use Soapbox as their online photo and video storage. It should be possible to upload photos just to store them, without sharing them and they should use Soapbox to integrate videos and photos more easily in windows live spaces.
    Anyway 500mb of storage isn’t much indeed. I thing they could integrate an upload tool into Windows Vista and show adverstisements during the upload process. I guess everyone ist looking a the work in progress upload process from time to time.
    I guess this “new products” that are coming soon are an online calendar which ist easy to sync with the desktop and a new web messenger.

  • DN2004

    Will be interesting to see what happens with this. I still think they need to be able to set viewing rights with photos e.g. set them to private or public… like Flickr Does would be a very decent feature to have

    As for “document storage, and not music, photo” doesn’t sound like what it will be used for I will obviously share documents with friends and family via it… but I will also most likely share pictures, videos, and audio/music files… if this is possible (I hope it is)

  • Drazick

    Where can I enroll my self to the betas?

  • Mephiles

    I’ve been waiting for this for ages! This is great news!

  • jaxim

    I’ve been waiting to be “wow”ed by Microsoft. I was hoping their photo gallery would be more like the photo triage software that was demoed in 2003 by channel 9. I hope they include the features that were shown back then.

    I also hope the Folders will allow you to upload calendars from Outlook or Windows Calendar. I’ve tried to publish a calendar from Windows Calendar to iCal Exchange (, but have been unsuccessful thus far.

  • DN2004 is live I signed in all works fine!

  • paddy

    In a perfect world, a total “Live solution” could look something like this: download on to PC photos/videos using Live Photo Gallery/Movie Maker. Finished photos directly uploaded to Live Spaces. Edited video files uploaded and stored either on Live Folders and/or Soapbox and from there, downloaded to Live Space to be played on an embedded Media Player. Also audio files for podcasting stored on Live Folders (with a web address), so that Microsoft can finally get into podcasting (Live Podcast) via postings on to Live Spaces. Tie it altogether on a Live Office website!