Windows Live OneCare 2.0 beta almost here

By Chris | In News | Posted July 4, 2007 5 comments

In an email sent to Windows Live OneCare testers, Microsoft confirmed the imminent start of the OneCare 2.0 beta program. Designated as a “pre-premiere”, OneCare 2.0 will not be available as a public beta initially.

New features we should be seeing include:

  • Multi PC management – designate a hub PC and then add additional PCs to your OneCare circle using a common Windows Live ID. You can then see the status of the other PCs within the group.
  • Printer Sharing – share your printer with all the PCs in your OneCare circle
  • OneCare Online Photo Backup – paid storage is available online for photo backups (we’re hearing 10GB but that could change by the end of the beta)
  • Securing wireless networks – if your router is supported OneCare 2.0 will allow you to secure your wireless network
  • x64 support

The ability to backup online is a feature we’ve been talking about for a while, as a potentially key part of storage in the cloud. Windows Live Folders is currently set at 500MB, but if 10GB is what is being offered for OneCare Photo backups, a significant increase for the final version seems more than likely.

If you haven’t signed up for the beta already, here’s the link.

Posted July 4th, 2007 at 10:00 pm
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  • Colin Walker

    Doesn’t the email also say:

    “Please also refrain from publicly posting this or any other pre-premiere information.” ;)

  • Chris

    Colin – Blame the person who posted the email, not me ;)

  • Alber1690

    Wow, I run McAfee right now (because I get it via MSN Premium), so that’s why I really haven’t installed the Beta. But I didn’t know it was going to offer all of that; I might just install it on all of my computers at home, since that was the main reason: McAfee would let me install and monitor the computers. Thanks. Also, wouldn’t it be worth investigating when MSN Premium is going to offer Windows Live OneCare? It’s like Microsoft promoting Google Search to MSN Premium members.

  • Colin Walker

    Wasn’t blaming you Chris – just remarking about how peple ignore that kind of thing . You can always bet that they’ll moan when they get kicked off the beta.

  • randalllewis

    Let’s hope OneCare 2.0 will fix the annoying bug where the OneCare 1.5 firewall prevents Windows Mobile Device Center from recognizing Windows Mobile phones.