Virtual Earth: 26 Terabyte update; includes new 3d and “hill shaded”

Congrats to the Virtual Earth team for publishing 26 terabytes of updates, on time for their “July publish” (1 terabyte = 1024 gb).  That’s just a big impressive number, wow.

The new updates include a new feature, called “hill shaded”, that adds topographical information to the road maps.  A quite useful feature, especially if you’re headed for the hills, like the camping trip I took last weekend near Concrete, WA.

hillshaded News
(click on the image to go to the Virtual Earth map)

Also included are Aerial and 3d updates to a number of cities, including Eastbourne in the UK; Toulouse, France; Hamilton, Quebec, Toronto (with Montreal to come in the next release) in Canada, and a long list of cities in the US.