Windows Live OneCare 2.0 goes into public beta

After the earlier signs that the OneCare 2.0 beta was about to get started, its finally available for the public to test. You’ll need to fill in your email address and country to get the download, which has the following new features:

  • Multi PC management – designate a hub PC and then add additional PCs to your OneCare circle using a common Windows Live ID. You can then see the status of the other PCs within the group.
  • Printer Sharing – share your printer with all the PCs in your OneCare circle
  • OneCare Online Photo Backup – paid storage is available online for photo backups
  • Securing wireless networks – if your router is supported OneCare 2.0 will allow you to secure your wireless network
  • Startup tuneup
  • x64 support

Users who have an existing OneCare subscription will not be able to activate the beta using their existing account, but in order to enable the multi-pc feature, you’ll need to sign in (but not activate – you need a product key for that) with a Live ID. As always if you have any issues, head over the OneCare support forums and the moderator team over there will try and help you out.

Currently the photo backup is not operational, though you can view the information page from which you will eventually be able to sign up for it.

Signup and download the OneCare 2.0 beta