Version 2 of the Mobile Search application released

By Chris | In News | Posted July 13, 2007 3 comments

A new version of the Mobile Search application for Windows Mobile, Java-enabled phones and Blackberry’s is now available. New features in the client application ( include:

  • Movie times
  • Traffic directions and GPS integration
  • Cache option to save map imagery to a storage card
  • Local Search now features user reviews

The browser search available at has also been updated. Check it out if you can’t install the Mobile Search application as both of these are extremely useful products. Currently the applications are limited to the US and UK, with certain features such as traffic still US only.

Read more on the VirtualEarth team blog.

Posted July 13th, 2007 at 7:49 am
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  • paulstorm

    For me at least, outside of email via Exchange//Live Hotmail on my smartphone; Windows Live Search for Mobile is the first killer app!

    Do not pass go, do not collect $200; point your mobile browsers over to today and download it! The new version just totally saved me time tonight as I’m traveling in Orlando and quickly needed to find out movie showtimes/locations…something I’ve done many a times using a mobile version of fandango etc which takes forever.

  • http://LarryW LarryW

    Nice upgrade but…

    Doesn’t use the new imagery on The aerial maps in my area at certain zoom levels are still the old images from (black & white from a long time ago). The current images on are much more detailed and Google Maps for the Smartphone phone has much better imagery.

    Also; where’s birds eye view? I was hoping this next release would have included it. The images are much better in birds eye than any other map service.

  • paulstorm

    The Virtual Earth team is working on mobilizing all these new features I’m sure…as you can imagine…it is a lot of work to figure out how to visualize things like Bird’s Eye on such a small device and how to make the UI just right so you can navigate through it all.