More Information On the Spaces Update [Even More Info Added]

image News The Spaces update has started rolling out now so I thought I would take this time to just go through a few of the new changes, showing what’s new.

New Home Page and the New Windows Live Bar

I made a slight error with the link I gave in my previous post, the home page that has been updated isn’t but the user home page which can be found at http://<spacename> The new layout allows you to easily go to add a new blog entry, add photos, friends, and more:
image_thumb News

You can also see that the new Windows Live theme has been applied, and with it comes a new menu structure for the Windows Live Orb:
image_3 News

The new Windows Live bar is also shown on the Space’s main page:
image_thumb_3 News


The new birthday notification is in your spaces home page and displays all your contacts who have an upcoming birthday:
image_5 News  

This gives you the option to send your contact an eCard should you so wish.

List Ordering

Going to the edit page for a list now gives you a box next to each item where you can customise the list and order it how you want it ordered:
image_thumb_4 News  

New Photos Features

There is now an option on the bottom left of each picture in your photos that offers a full screen showcase of the photos in that album:
image_7 News

And also a link to download the photo:
image_8 News

I personally would love to see a “Download album” button to follow on from this.

Templates and Blog Titles

You can now apply a template to your Space, so if your a keen blogger and not fussed about having other modules, there is a template for that, and many more:
image_9 News

Blog titles now actually link to that blog entry, before you had to go to the end of the entry and click on the permalink link, now you don’t need to. 

If your space has not been updated but want to see the changes, then visit my Space as this is where I have taken my screenshots from. If you notice something I have missed, feel free to leave a comment.