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By Chris | In News | Posted August 8, 2007 21 comments

At a briefing given to Japanese press about Windows Live, Tetuya Onoda  (Windows Live Director) held up a nice big picture of the new Windows Live Homepage that looks set to replace the existing personalised page. Featuring the new Wave 2 UI, the portal acts as a true Windows Live Home, featuring modules that allow you to monitor and access the Windows Live services that matter to you. A few examples of this cross-service integration are:

  • Providing access to your emails and contacts through Windows Live Hotmail
  • Showing the upcoming calendar items from your Windows Live Calendar
  • Allowing blog and photo publishing direct to your Windows Live Space
  • Showing the status of Windows Live OneCare installed on your home pc

Also of note is the inclusion of links to Folders/Skydrive and Windows Live Events, though whether any interaction is available directly from your homepage remains to be seen. Users can also customise the weather display shown in the top left of the screen. We’d love to have the ability to remotely run a OneCare virus scan or upload a file to Skydrive, however as we saw with the original development, good performance right from the initial availability is very important.

As always, the appearance and functionality of the final product may differ slightly from that shown. Currently redirects to the personalised homepage.

The press briefing also mentioned some other juicy bits, including single sign-on for Windows Live ID (sign in to one passport and be able to use any others you might have), Windows Live Skydrive, and Windows Live Drive. Of course as with Windows Vista SP1 they could all be typos, maybe.

Thanks for a great tip hey07.

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  • jonathanyaniv

    I love it!!!!

  • Mephiles

    Wow! That new page is really good! Every time I drag boxes around, I end up highlighting everything so I hope that’s fixed!

  • yanverm

    Just a few remarks on it
    1. the header seams realy big on this preview, in proportion to the rest of the page (almost 1/3 of the page!?), hopefully that wil change.
    2. I see more graphics, let’s hope that won’t change anything to the download speed of the page
    3. I don’t see the “subpages” anymore, that you could make and rename by yourself…

    Anyway, this looks realy great! Let hope it comes out soon.

  • AndyD

    I am looking forward to finding out what the “Live @edu” thing is under the green quadrent.

  • ScottIsAFool

    @AndyD: Check it out if you want

  • DN2004

    Oh wow that is cool, I wonder when this goes into affect. If the domain is live… hopefully should be soon.

  • G-Z

    Well, the header is way to big.
    The Design overall could be clearer. Looks a bit chaotic. The “Hotmail”, “Spaces” buttons don’t look really finished.
    I don’t understand why they use this green “search” button. The old one was just perfect.

    But all in all it looks pretty interesting.

  • jackiboi

    OMG i want i want!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kenny Yeung


    creating such big header?

    I can see lots of Home in the future……
    Windows Live Spaces Home
    Windows Live Mail Home (Today)
    Windows Live Home
    Windows Home???

    I feel sick…..

  • pikablu0530

    @AndyD: The “actual” site for Windows Live @ edu –

  • vipwoody

    I didn’t like it. It looks bulky and some features are really not needed, why the heck should i need to see the OneCare status? :P and why should i have information about my anti-virus? Why is the header so huge? :S ohhh Microsoft!

  • Mirek2

    The header is too big, the page tabs are missing, there’s a search button in the toolbar while the search box is already in the header, there’s a OneCare button, probably useless to most WL users, and the spyglass button is gone even from… :(

  • JohnCz

    This could be part of the Live Suite that Ray Ozzie recently discussed at the Financial Analyst meeting last month. Ray mentioned something about a single installer for a suite of Live applications being released in the fall. Also, one of Onoda’s slides reveals an Live Manager install dialog. So again, this could be something other than a new home page.

  • Alex

    It looks nice, but indeed… to big. They should move that menu to the top and remove the other buttons to Spaces and such, so it more resembles the look of Spaces.

    I’m missing something in the screenshot… pages! I only see one page, I have 8… I hope they don’t put all my feeds on one page as that would present way too much information on a single page.

    But it’s Microsoft, it’ll probably change another 10 times ;)

  • CalumJR

    I think you are all being too judgemental about the header. It doesn’t look too big to me actually, there is still plenty of information shown on the rest of the page. I think we should all wait to see the final product before we start saying it is too big, becuase I like it.

    To all you saying things like the “OneCare” button will be insignificant to most have you ever thought thast the buttons in the bar at the top may be different for each account?? After all the blog post does say “…featuring modules that allow you to monitor and access the Windows Live services that matter to you”. Maybe as well as our own modules it will allow us to choose our own buttons.

    Also, to Mirek2: I beleive the “Search” button in the bar at the top will probably take the user to the actual Live Search site ( and take away the personalised modules if the user ever wants to. That makes sense to me.

    The one thing I am worrying about is that this is inconsistent with the other Wave 2 services such as WL Spacs. WL Spaces does not have links in the bar at the top and on the screenshots I’ve seen where it does, it doesn’t have images next to the links (I wish it did tbh).

    What I think should happen is that Spaces, Hotmail, etc all have THIS user interface, because THIS one is the best I have seen so far; I like everything about it, especially the picture we can have, etc.

  • thaman04

    I completely agree with calum-r- …. Remember that this is mainly a search page and second a personalized page, hence the big header.. infact it looks very clean and uncluttered.. and that’s what I like. I’m sure you’ll have the option to customize those buttons and take things out and maybe even shrink the header.. I also agree we don’t need that OneCare button, but maybe it’s only there if you are set up with it? This look is definitely the best… I love the weater and good morning part with the user image too.

  • quikboy

    Everything looks ok, I guess.

    The header is something I don’t really care about too much.

    What I don’t like, is that it looks really dim and dark. Is it wrong to have a brighter contrast?

    And the old spyglass icon. That search button is so pre2000. The spyglass icon was like perfect. They should have kept that right after the search box. It brings style, which Microsoft really needs.

  • Chris

    quikboy the darkness is due to this being a photograph and not an actual screenshot.

    as mentioned this may not be a final design :)

  • Bill Gates

    WOW !!! A WEBSITE. Microsoft is UNSTOPPABLE.

    You can have email, and photos and stuff.

    Oh yeah, it will work better if you buy all your stuff from Microsoft. So forget that Firefox stuff. And, forget about using a Mac. sheesh.

    Don’t forget to upgrade to Vista y’all.

    Love Bill.

  • CalumJR

    Lol that comment above made me laugh! :D although I love Microsoft so I don’t know why I’m laughing when Mr. ‘Gates’ above was takin the piss… :S

  • zeke009

    Not bad, but I can’t wait for the options to customize it. Customization options will give this a good chance of becoming one of my homepages.