SkyDrive With Spaces and Writer [Plugin Updated]

By ScottIsAFool | In News | Posted August 9, 2007 14 comments

With SkyDrive not even 6 hours old, we already have our first addins for it. The Spaces and SkyDrive team have just unveiled a new module for your Windows Live Space, one that shows the public folders you have on your SkyDrive account. To access it, sign into your Space, click on the Customize button and add module and go to the Windows Live section.


The module will look like this when viewed in non-edit mode:

And for Writer we have a plugin that will allow you to put the embed code for a public SkyDrive folder into your blog entry, written, and shamelessly promoted, by me.


I’m just waiting for the plugin to be approved by Windows Live Gallery, but in the meantime, you can download, funnily enough, from my SkyDrive Space smile_wink Plugin is now available on Windows Live Gallery. Full source code available too.

Source code:
Download Plugin:

Update: Apologies, this is the first plugin I have created using Visual Studio 2008, and the setup defaults to having .NET 3.5 as a prerequisite, I have changed this and it now only requires .NET 2.0, not 3.5. The link is the same, so if you are having problems, just download it again. Sorry.

Update 2: As any of you who know me will know, I am never happy with my plugins, so I have made a slight amendment to it. At the moment, the way the embedding works from SkyDrive is to use an iFrame tag, now this gets stripped by a few blog services, so I have given the option of turning off iFrame mode and using the plugin to do all the hard work, the end result will be the same though. The download link above is still the same, but it now points to the updated version (if you want to check, the dll should be version


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  • vipwoody

    good improvement, just imagine how easy file sharing would be with this thing! this is a good step Microsoft is taking (Y)

  • Matthew

    Thanks Scott!

    I needed .NET Framework 3.5 with Vista. For anyone else who does, here’s a direct link:
    or here


  • luisfelipe

    I was not able to add the Windows Live Skydrive in my Windows Live Spaces.
    Into the Windows Live modules section, its only appear Windows Live Favorites options…
    What can I do to correct this?
    Thank you!

  • ScottIsAFool

    Ok, having some slight installer issues here with VS 2008, trying to iron them out…

  • ScottIsAFool

    Right, it’s finally there. The msi available now doesn’t require .NET 3.5

  • DN2004

    That module doesnt seem to appear on live spaces under windows live. Is it a rolling update?

  • Nick

    Just helped scott add inline code to the plugin, so if your blog doesn’t allot iframes, then it’ll still work (Just about, might look slightly different)

  • ScottIsAFool

    @DN2004: It’s probably only available to those markets that can access SkyDrive, so US, UK, India etc.

  • the_matrixx

    I couldn’t find the module to add either on my space but I stumbled upon a work around. If you go to the Space’s “What’s New” page at the top right, you can click “Share Files” un the Add to your space area.

  • luisfelipe

    Windows Live Skydrive are already available in several contries… I access the English US, English UK, Portuguese Brazil, and Portuguese Portugal versions of Skydrive… just add the
    ?mkt=en-us, ?mkt=pt-br, etc. at the end of the URL. I can do the same at Windows Live Spaces… So, I can access Skydrive and Space at any market.
    I think is a rolling update, too…

  • luisfelipe

    Windows Live Home also are available in several contries too… Do the same workaround to see the Live Home in any language you want.
    To see what is the code to view in the country and language you want, visit the Windows Live Spaces Help Center and find the article “What can I change the language?”
    I think I could help you! Thank you!

  • Chris

    Luis, you can log in with many languages, however you can’t sign up unless you are in the three regions: USA/UK/India.

  • DN2004

    This is what is most confusing, I am from the UK, and all my settings and regions are set to English (UK) so I am unsure why it is not showing on my live space :S

  • DN2004

    Never mind it has now appeared, it must of been a rolling update or something