A Silly Pledge for a Good Cause

As you might expect, I read a lot of blogs, and the other night I just happened to come across an entry in Steve Kafka’s blog on an unusual endeavor by some ‘Softies in Mountain View.  Apparently in the classic tradition of Microsoft pranks, the software engineers/carpenters turned this:

window%20before_thumb_1 News

into this:

window%20after%20_thumb News

Now, for reasons that could only be understood after having attended too many powerpoint presentations, and drinking too many lattes,  there’s an effort to tear down the wall.

When I read the blog entry, of course I had to pledge some money.  And apparently that, too, caused a bit of a stir:

Hey Kip,

I can’t claim to be a reader, but there’s quite a bit of buzz around the office today about a charity pledge from an internet celebrity (that’s you).  Out of curiosity, was it you that made the pledge or an imposter (if that’s the latter, I’ll remove it from the database)?  If it was you, how did you find our little office prank and charity drive?  I believe that the timestamp on your pledge is earlier than most blog posts.

Now part of what makes this so funny is that although these guys say they work for Hotmail, we think it’s possible they might be working on something a little newer, and more secret, than that.  Of course when LiveSide pledged, and did it “earlier than most”, well that had to create a bit of a buzz, alright :).

Anyway, Aaron, who sent me the email, has been a great sport about it.  I returned an email, and kidded him about not reading LiveSide.  Well it looks like we’ve got a convert:

If you put up a quick post about our charity drive, I will:

1. Sign up for an RSS Feed (and read it)
2. Sport a sticker
3. Sign up my closest Senior PMs from Windows Live for an RSS Feed
4. Put a sticker on The Wall itself
5. Send in a picture of said sticker

Awesome, Aaron, done (oh and Omar I’ve been giving away all your stickers.  Let me know if you need more!).

So LiveSide readers, here’s your chance to make sure the Hotmail (if that’s who they are) team is hard at work and not just gazing out the window.  Save a Wall, Pledge Today! (And help out Habitat for Humanity, a great cause)