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By Kip Kniskern | In News | Posted September 8, 2007 3 comments

Darren Straight has been snooping around some Windows Live Translator domain names, and today, for the first time, the Windows Live Translator beta site is live.  According to Darren, the following urls are now working:

We haven’t seen any information on this new service from Microsoft, so we only know what we see here.

translate1  (click for a larger image)

The translation software is powered by Systran, and there’s a link to purchase Systran translation software.

A couple of notes on the new service, such as it is:

  • Not all of the languages appear to work, at least all of the time.  In the short time we’ve played with it, we’ve received errors, and translations not appearing to work.
  • One interesting addition is the “computer related content” checkbox that appears in some (not all) translators.
  • Also of note is the Translate this web page feature:

translate2 (click for a larger image)

(Thanks to Gregor Herdmann for getting us started on

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  • jackiboi

    and don’t forget

  • Alber1690

    Whoa…I’ve been wating for Live to offer a translator for too long a time…thank you MS!

    Btw, so far, the English – Spanish translation seems amazing…

  • Tegument

    I’m still hoping that someday we’ll see a real-time translation engine built into messenger, it’s a pain when I get contacts from germany mexico, south america, etc and have no idea what they’re saying to me. :-S