Will Windows Live Photo Gallery allow publish to Flickr?

By Kip Kniskern | In News | Posted September 13, 2007 4 comments

One of the nice features of the new Windows Live Photo Gallery beta is its ability to publish photos directly to Spaces.  However users have been asking for the ability to publish photos to other services (such as Flickr), much like Windows Live Writer is able to publish to many different types of blog software.  One big difference, of course, is that while blog software conforms to the metaweblog standard, photo publishing and storage services all use their own somewhat proprietary publishing methods.

However there may be good news on the horizon.  Jamie filed a bug on the inability to publish to Flickr, and now he has not only received a reply:

Thanks for the using Windows Live Photo Gallery Beta! We really appreciate you taking the time to send in your feedback and suggestions. We’ve heard the feedback and we’re looking into it. Stay tuned.

but his bug has been closed as “resolved: fixed”.

Maybe a small sign that Windows Live Photo Gallery will be opening up?  We hope so.

Posted September 13th, 2007 at 2:27 pm
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  • mrx9898

    i dont like that WL photo gallery needs windows desktop search. I think they should take it out.

  • Attack Blogger

    I don’t expect Flickr uploading from WL Photo Gallery no more than I would expect Picasa to upload to Windows Live Spaces.

    What’s needed is a Picasaweb equivalent.

  • Mark

    what happened tot he panoramic stretch feature in photo gallery? this was the one thing i was looking forward to testing in photo gallery and when i finallt get it the feature isn’t there???

  • ScottIsAFool

    The feature is there, you have to select multiple files, then right click one of them and choose “Create panormamic picture”.