Windows Live WebMessenger goes into dogfood

By Chris | In Featured, News | Posted September 19, 2007 12 comments

Beta is the new passé, and dogfood is where its at. Calendar and now WebMessenger are now both in dogfoods that are running on external urls (you have to be signed up to the internal dogfoods in order to load the products – ie you need to be a Microsoft employee).

Here’s the tiny WebMessenger shot from the homepage (with the new Windows Live Wave 2 UI)

Judging from the screenshot it seems like Windows Live WebMessenger adds Personal Status Message integration, tabbed conversations (ok so they are stacked vertically in a “conversation workspace”) and display picture options, though those are already available from most Wave 2 Windows Live services, such as Spaces.

Unfortunately it sounds like the WebMessenger team is actually less progressed than the Calendar team, so don’t get your hopes up for a beta anytime soon. Hey, at least it’s in the works though.

As always we love tips.

Posted September 19th, 2007 at 6:15 am
  • jonathanyaniv

    I tried some testing on this, and it seems that if you signin with a regular Live ID, you get a forbidden message, however, if you have a Microsoft ID that isnt on their LCS, it wont let you signin.

    It redirects to

    So, you need to be on Microsoft’s LCS, in order to get into the dogfood.

  • jonathanyaniv
  • mrx9898

    lol, well what i can see by the (very tiny) screenshot. looks pretty good.

  • Rusticated

    Why can’t we just get some fancy new Live’d up graphics for MSN Web Messenger for the time being? The changes between MSN and Live Messengers were nothing spectacular feature-wise, and adding features to Web Messenger that don’t even exist in the fully blown client seems a little strange.

    All it needed was a little bit of a design re-fresh and Windows Live Web Messenger (what a name!) version 1 could’ve been out of the door in no time at all. As it is, MSN Web Messenger has lived on months after the client died, creating even more branding confusion.

  • jonathanyaniv

    To everyone who is reading this:

    There has been a Facebook Group set up for Windows Live Web Messenger

    Registration into the group is open to all of Facebook, so you may register for the group here:

    Or if you dont have Facebook already, I highly suggest that you create an account!!

    See you there!

    PS. Scott, Chris, and Kip, you should all join it :-)

  • Chris

    Jonathan please don’t make it look like an unofficial blog is an official MS product team blog. Feel free to post the link again though if that is made clear.

  • ScottIsAFool

    I can’t imagine why | would want to…

  • Sunshine

    yaniv, lay off those paddos please….you are hallucinating way too much….

  • Sunshine

    For those who didn’t get my comment:

    jonathanyaniv is not a Microsoft Employee and should stop acting/making it look like he is (hallucinations)

  • DN2004

    At first I thought he was a Microsoft Employee, according to the group they will consider implementing any feature requests too, which makes people think he is part of the official team. A closer inspection you can clearly tell he doesn’t work or isn’t associated with Microsoft. I think he should mention that he doesn’t work for Microsoft or the links he posted should be removed, otherwise people will assume he works for Microsoft.

    Sunshine has a VERY valid point, I agree with them.

  • DN2004

    Forgot to add… isn’t it a form of Spamming? as he is trying to get people to Join his Facebook Group under false pretext?

  • Mephiles

    I can’t wait for web messenger! I hope you can use it with just simple html.