Live Search “leaked”: a clarification

On last Wednesday night, Akram Hussein, a Windows Live Platform Program Manager, went home and was surfing the internet when he came across a new version of Live Search.  He checked to make sure he wasn’t on the Microsoft intranet, and then took some screenshots and posted on what he assumed to be the beginnings of a rollout of the new Live Search, which he had seen at the MS company meeting the week before.

We caught his post, and we were excited too, and posted on it first thing in the morning.  We had already received one tip that a reader had seen the new Live Search (as others are continuing to do, judging by the comments).

It turns out that Live Search has been apparently testing the new version before making it truly available, and someone asked (politely) that the MS post be taken down, which he did.

Since then, others have picked up on the story, in part saying that the “images came from a test build” that Akram had accessed.  That part of the story (which did not come from LiveSide) was a bit misleading, he accessed the new Live Search from his home using the public url.

We at LiveSide appreciate Akram’s enthusiasm, and applaud the efforts he took to show off the new Live Search.  He’s not in any (much?) trouble, but we just wanted to help him clarify that this wasn’t a “leak” as much as just being in the right place at the right time.

We do think his wife should start using Live Search, though.