Windows Live Photo Gallery And Flickr

Kip noted yesterday about WLPG getting an update from Windows Update and included a Microsoft KB link, but what that link doesn’t contain was what else might have come with that update. You might remember last month we hinted that WLPG might support uploading to Flickr, well, this latest update does just that: you can now upload your pictures to your Flickr account.

It works the same way as if you upload to your Live Space, so you select the photos you want to upload, click on Publish, then choose Services (if it’s the first time doing it) and choose Flickr:

image_10 News

If it’s not your first time doing this, then click on Publish and then Publish on Flickr:

image_9 News

You will then need to authorise WLPG to access your Flickr account which will open a browser window for you to log into Flickr, once you have done that, then you can continue:

image_thumb_3 News

Which then gives you the following where you can choose further options for uploading:

image_thumb_4 News

Then you’re good to go

image_15 News

And there you have it, your new set of photos on Flickr.