Inviting Users to Share Online Presence

msn_3 Developer Microsoft have released a new bit of documentation on MSDN which will allow sites to let their users show their Messenger presence on that website. The documentation gives you all the information you need, and code sample to get going with this straight away (if you’re using an Asp.Net site).

Now, here at LiveSide, we love it when new Windows Live technologies can be added and used on our site, and this is no different smile_wink Developer . Our resident Community Server Guru, Nick, has managed to implement this into LiveSide; so how do you set it up?

Your Messenger presence is only shown to registered users on LiveSide!

First off, go to your edit profile page, and select the email tab:

image_thumb Developer

Select Yes to Enable Live Presence and click Save. This will then take you to the Messenger Presence settings page where you have to grant permission for it:

image_thumb_1 Developer

Once accepted, this will take you back to your profile page where you will now see that your presence has been added to your profile:

image_46dc54cb-951d-414e-a793-3bebce81ca53 Developer

You will also see that your Messenger presence will appear next to your name in the comments, like so:

image_decacc8b-990a-4231-b779-dbb22c16186c Developer

Clicking on the presence images will then open a new window which will contain the IM Control and will let you start talking to that contact.