Live Search updates mobile search at

mlivecom_thumb News Live Search and Live Search Maps continue to improve their offerings, with the latest being an update to, for mobile search.  After downloading a small installer, maps on your mobile browser are made interactive, with easy zooming and panning.  I just tried it out on my T-Mobile Shadow, very nice.  According to the Live Maps/ Virtual Earth blog, other improvements include:

  • 1-click directions for all businesses and street addresses in U.S.
  • Additional details for U.S. businesses, including neighborhood, business category, cuisine (restaurants) and hours of operation
  • Photos and reviews for U.S. businesses
  • Improved movie show times Instant Answers (we now show critics rating)
  • Added interactivity to all maps (clicking on maps now zooms in/out to predefined levels, or advanced to the next waypoint for routing maps)
  • Traffic & map Instant Answers
  • Mobile search for the China market. Scopes offered are local (no maps, but coming soon), web, images, news and Spaces.