LiveSide mobile quick update, and more web goodness

Looks like the dns change has taken place, and you can now access LiveSide on your mobile device (using MoFuse, which takes our Feedburner rss feed and prepares it for your phone).  Now available at

And of course once Nick Brown saw what we were doing, he got a little fired up and created a new Community Server CS control for LiveSide that does a better job at creating a mobile version of LiveSide.  The best part: you don’t have to do anything special, just navigate to on your mobile device, and Nick’s control will recognize your browser, strip away much of the stuff that gets in the way of browsing on a mobile device (sidebars, etc), but leaving you with the ability to sign in, and more fully browse LiveSide.  Thanks Nick!

So now you have two mobile choices: for quick and clean access to the latest from LiveSide (like you would get from an rss reader), or simply navigate to on your mobile device and get a stripped down but more complete version of the website.

And just to top it off, Scott Lovegrove created a Twitter account for LiveSide at  Just follow us on Twitter, and you’ll get the latest from our rss feed right in Twitter or your favorite Twitter client!