Microsoft, Yahoo!, the merger and Google – Search

Lots of talk about the Microsoft proposal to Yahoo. Google has made an offer to Yahoo! now too. Looks like the battle over Yahoo! and it’s services has begun. Let us take a look at Search.

Search – December 2007 Microsoft Yahoo Google
Searches million/share percentage 1,940/2.9



  source source source

  searchlive_3 News

Search: Web, Images, Video, News, Maps, MSN, Academic, Classifieds, Feeds, Spaces, Macros

  searchyahoo_3 News

 Search: Web, Images, Video, Local, Shopping, Answers, Audio, Directory, Jobs, News

 searchgoogle_3 News

Search: Web, Images, Maps, News, Video, Groups, Books, Scholar, Blogs

In this area, does Google really have to be scared about a merger between Microsoft and Yahoo!? Looking at the numbers Microsoft will have to fight really hard to become the number 1, but how about the features? What do you think?