MSFT-YHOO: Yahoo to decide its fate today?

By Kip Kniskern | In Developer, News | Posted February 8, 2008 5 comments

Michael Arrington at TechCrunch is reporting that Yahoo! is holding a special board of directors meeting "to determine, effectively, the fate of the company". No one has stepped up to save Yahoo! from Microsoft, according to Arrington, with SoftBank bowing out earlier today.  According to Arrington:

There are only two options left. Accept the offer in principal, and try to increase the price with no negotiating leverage at all, or do a deal with Google to outsource search advertising and, likely, search itself.

The board, we’ve heard, is basically being told by outside advisors to take the Microsoft deal. But we’ve also heard that a contingent of senior executives at Yahoo, who are willing to do literally anything to thwart a Microsoft takeover, are pushing for the Google deal and will present their case at the meeting.

We’ll have more coverage of the deal as it progresses, including more comparisons of Yahoo! services, an expanded list of the factual information on the deal, and of course more of our opinions, and yours.  Stay tuned!

Posted February 8th, 2008 at 3:37 am
Category: Developer, News
  • Mephiles

    I really hope they choose Microsoft over Google.

  • JohnCz

    Me too Mephiles. I’m starting to get a clearer picture how this merger could look like and I’m fairly convinced this will work. Daunting yes…but far from impossible. And I think there are some quick win opportunities. They key will be reassure Yahoo employees that creativity will be encouraged..and look at this merger as a bigger sandbox to play in.

  • CalumJR

    Well, I hope they choose Microsoft, only if Microsoft do NOT re-brand Windows Live!

  • olliewally255

    @ calum-r-
    you really do have an OCD don’t you. windows live is not working at all, one can see this by the fact that microsoft’s online division is in DEBT.

  • Chris

    Ollie I wouldn’t use the financial position of Microsoft’s online services as evidence of failure (it heavily depends on managements investment plans), rather that of # users and public perception.

    Side projects such as Writer and Photo Gallery may be great, but until they are used at the scale of Messenger and Hotmail, they are nothing more.

    Social networking, web search, user generated video are the current favourites of internet users and areas in which Microsoft is not the market leader, or even close to being so.

    I agree though, WL is not working as well as it should/could be.