Are you receiving password reset emails? Let the email support team know

When we wrote about Omar Shahine’s hijacked email account last night, we showed it around a little and heard of some problems regarding password reset emails.  Apparently some users are receiving emails informing them that there has been a request to reset their passwords.  The password reset process is two steps; first request the password reset, then an email is sent out with a link to confirm that the requester is actually the one with the email account.

Well today, and we have no idea whether or not this has anything to do with Omar’s post last night, the Email Support team posted this:

We’re starting to see an interesting pattern of customers who are receiving password re-set messages from us, but claim to not have requested the password to be re-set.  I’d like to find out more information, so if you’ve experienced this issue recently (since late December), please let us know. You can click hereto send a message to our team alias and we’ll keep track of your feedback.

If you use the link above to send any other requests, it will be disregarded.

So if you’ve been receiving password reset notices that you didn’t initiate, let the Email Support Team know (and please don’t use the alias for any other reason).  Actually, if you’ve had the issue, let us know in the comments, too.