New York City Transit Adopts Virtual Earth for Trip Planner Public Web Site

Virtual Earth For Government reports that New York City Transit has adopted Virtual Earth for their public trip planner:

Arguably the largest transit in the world, New York City Transit, today announced that it has released a new version of its Trip Planner online travel itinerary service. The service, which allows visitors and residents to get walking directions for their travel itinerary within the City, now features Virtual Earth maps, providing a much richer visualization experience. The press release can be found here.

On the site you can plan your route as I have below (there is also an option for a round trip route) and set preferences such as what time you will leave or the time you wish to arrive, how much you wish to walk, and whether you want to travel by subway, bus or express bus.

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Once you hit "Go", you are presented with trip options….

You can look at maps showing subway routes or walking directions, also in 3D!

Click on "Show Subway Routes" to see the subway lines layered on top of the map. What’s impressive about this is that it is done with our Mapcruncher API which allows you to register raster imagery directly on top of Virtual Earth maps.

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Very happy to see the NYCT recognize Virtual Earth as the platform of choice for providing constituent services to a BROAD audience through a web based service. As the announcement states,  the Trip Planner’s Virtual Earth driven user interface allows customers to search and explore city locations and points of interest from all angles and vantage points and retrieve point-to-point routing directions from the comfort of their home, office, or hotel room prior to heading out the door.