LiveSide news: New poster Sunshine, expanded Yahoo! news, more

sunsh_thumb News Our newest poster, Sunshine, from the Netherlands, has recently joined us to help out with all the news.  She has started a series of comparisons between Windows Live and Yahoo! services, and has been generally helping out keeping up with the news of the day.  With all the Microsoft-Yahoo! news coming up, as well as big news coming from Mix08 and beyond, we want to be ready to bring you all the best in news and information about Windows Live and live services at Microsoft.  Welcome aboard, Sunshine!

We’ve been adding in some new features to LiveSide, as well.  You can now follow LiveSide more easily on your mobile device. We cleaned up the mobile experience at, but for the quickest way to get the latest LiveSide news from your phone, try  We’ve had over 1250 visits to the mobile version, which is powered by MoFuse beta,  in the two weeks we’ve had it up (and made $1.67 in ads from AdMob, woohoo!)

Our Feeds page, powered by NewsGator, gives you a quick glance at the latest headlines from some of our favorite blogs.  You can subscribe to any of the rss feeds, or an opml of the whole list; or you can just read the latest news from within LiveSide.

We also added a couple of Microsoft-Yahoo! pages; a list of documents and press releases on the acquisition attempt is at Document Timeline, and a selection of bookmarks and feeds, as well as  current US stock market information for Microsoft, Yahoo!, and Google, are at Microsoft – Yahoo! News and Stocks.

Funny that we would find a javascript widget that brings in the latest stock market information at Yahoo! Finance, but actually it was just what we were looking for.  You can add it to your own site (there are a number of variations) by selecting some preferences and simply copy/pasting the javascript.

Unlike the Feeds page, which is an automated list of the latest news from the blogs we’ve selected, we’re using the My Clippings feature from NewsGator to individually select pertinent blog posts related to the Microsoft-Yahoo! acquisition attempt.  In addition, we’ve added in a list of bookmarks of news items that may or may not have an rss component.  Yahoo! bought in December 2005, so again we’re eating the (soon to be?) new brand of dog food.

Of course there’s plenty of Windows Live goodness here, too.  Don’t forget to associate your Live ID with your LiveSide member account, making it easy to sign in and leave us a comment, and display your Windows Live Messenger presence on LiveSide.