Nielsen Online Web stats for UK in 2007: Google, WL Messenger in lead

Nielsen Online released some interesting web statistics for 2007 in the UK last week, which we found via  Google Search was the most popular website in the UK in 2007, averaging 25.1 million British visitors each month, with MSN/WL Messenger in second place with 14.7 million monthly visitors, and eBay third, with 14.5 million.

nielsen%20uk%20uniques_thumb News  

Messenger fared better, as you would expect, in engagement – that is the time spent on each app/site:

nielsen%20uk%20minutes_thumb News

and in sessions – the number of times the site was visited including multiple visits by the same visitor, Google led, followed by MSN/WL Messenger, and MSN/WL Hotmail:

nielsen%20uk%20sessions_thumb News

We’ve presented a number of US based statistics, including some running totals on search share, so it’s nice to be able to present some statistics from other parts of the world, as well.  We’ll keep an eye out and try and bring you more non-US centric stats as we find them.