Windows Live service restored (again?, still?)

See, is this so hard?  The Email Support Space blog posts tonight, reporting that “nearly all customers are once again able to sign in”, with some specific information coming for customers who are still unable to login, “once you log in” (ummmm, ahhhh, no, wait – deep breath – don’t go there).  Anyway whatever the problem was (and problems do happen) we’re glad to hear that it’s fixed, and especially glad to see even this little bit of communication from Microsoft on the subject.  Here’s the post, in total:

February 28

WIndows Live ID and Hotmail Service Restored

Good afternoon everyone –

We’ve been busy working to restore our services after the recent downtime, and by our estimates, nearly all customers are once again able to sign in with their Live ID and access services like Hotmail and Messenger.

There is a very small group of customers who are still unable to login, but we’re hoping to restore that final bit of service Thursday afternoon (today), PST. If you are a member of this group, once you log in, you will see a message from us “Hotmail Customer Support” with some specific information about your experience and instructions if you need more assistance.

No service provider likes their service to be down, and we do everything possible to avoid it and then mitigate when it happens. I am especially grateful for your patience and good humor during these times.



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We’d be interested to see the “specific information about your experience”, so if you’re one of the lucky ones, and wouldn’t mind posting the info in the comments, it would be much appreciated.  And special thanks to “Michael”, for the information – that’s much appreciated, too.