Windows Live FolderShare Gets Updated (ish)

By ScottIsAFool | In News | Posted March 11, 2008 8 comments

The Windows Live FolderShare team blog has today announced a new FolderShare. So what’s new with it? Well…. Not much! In fact, I could say the update includes the following:

• A new website designed to makes managing your FolderShare libraries and computers even easier.
• A new FolderShare with a better setup, a better system tray menu, and better performance on Windows Vista.
• Improvements on the backend to keep FolderShare running more smoothly and reliably.

All of those are in the update, unfortunately, that is the update! Those three things, which seems a little light considering it’s been two years since the last update…. The new website does incorporate the Wave 2 feel of the Windows Live services, and has yet not moved to, whether it does or not remains to be seen, and can still be accessed from

Oh well, here’s to the next two years…!


Posted March 11th, 2008 at 7:15 am
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  • Alex

    Not much of an update… I’d expect them to at least switch to Windows Live ID…

    And the Wave 2-look isn’t complete either, the jewel menu is missing.

  • LosHavros

    I’ve been following the progress of FolderShare for a long time now. The question is ‘what progress’ exactly? Whatever development is being done with FolderShare, they need to step up a gear. Sooo… slooooow….

  • foaf

    Shouldn’t there be some kind of integration between Foldershare, Skydrive and Office Live Workspaces? They
    seem like similar products, all with their own niche. But the premise would be
    > I want to share a folder on my PC with people and my other PCs.
    > The data could be synced to the cloud.
    > With my permission other can work on it.

  • quikboy

    Lol, foaf is right. All in all, it’s redundant to have separate services that all pretty much do the same thing. There uses could be better put together by making one super service instead of having to deal with many.

    It’s basically upload a file, allow it to be accessible on any computer, allow it to be shared amongst people or other PC’s, and other can edit or download it if wanted.

  • joeale

    I still can not sing in with my use name at all.
    I still can not use my pass word at all.
    How use windows live folder when i not log in at all why is this happing.
    Four the year i have been tring two log in.

  • MJoyce16

    Given the Foldershare update more closely relates to SkyDrive, there is obviously a lot of work going on under the hood, of which these are just small pieces.

  • Nick

    Remember that they’ve had to convert PHP code to code

  • kcorax

    As unfounded as what I will state appears, I feel that many groups in Live are waiting for the Skydrive API to freeze so they can offload and unify some storage to it.
    Foldershare is one, Messenger shared folders is the other.