Windows Live Spaces loses 15% of unique visitors in US over the last year

By Kip Kniskern | In News | Posted March 15, 2008 6 comments

According to some new numbers included in an email from Nielsen Online today, Windows Live Spaces, never a big player in the US market for social networking tools, lost significant ground over the past year.

Nielsen Online provides February’s top U.S. social networking sites and blogs
for your reference. They are ranked by unique audience and rounded to the nearest
thousand, so had 55.4 million unique visitors in February 2008, growing
4 percent over February 2007.
Please note that these are custom lists compiled by the Nielsen Online PR team
with the help of our media analysts. While these lists are not meant to be exhaustive,
they provide a good idea of the significant players in each space.

Table 1: Top 10 Social Networking Sites for February 2008(U.S., Home and Work)
| Site                 |  UA (000)  |  UA (000)   | % Change  |
|                      |   Feb-08   |   Feb-07    |           |
|          |   55,419   |   53,362    |    4%     |
| Facebook             |   20,043   |    9,923    |   102%    |
| Classmates Online    |   12,955   |   12,815    |    1%     |
| Windows Live Spaces  |   7,882    |    9,253    |   -15%    |
| LinkedIn             |   7,392    |    1,990    |   271%    |
| AOL Hometown         |   6,004    |    8,907    |   -33%    |
| Club Penguin         |   4,727    |    3,233    |    46%    |
|          |   4,323    |    4,348    |    -1%    |
| AOL Community        |   3,337    |    4,641    |   -28%    |
| Flixster             |   2,619    |    1,591    |    65%    |
|          |   2,526    |    1,332    |    90%    |
Source: Nielsen Online, although it hasn’t received the press coverage recently that Facebook and LinkedIn have, remains at the top, and continues to attempt to innovate with the addition of the Myspace platform, to somewhat mixed reviews.  LinkedIn is about ready to overtake Spaces in total unique audience, as Windows Live Spaces continues to underperform, with only troubled AOL (who are at least trying to do something by buying Bebo) losing more in the past 12 months.

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  • vipwoody

    There should be more work on WLSpaces, I don’t consider it as a social network. It is not as easy to maneuver from friend to friend and application to application as in Facebook for example. More integration should be done with the WLMessenger and blogging through MSN would be a nice idea. WLSpaces is slow to open and hard to navigate. Maybe Microsoft should change the way it codes WLSpaces and use PHP?

  • Mephiles

    @ vipwoody
    I don’t think they should use PHP. For me, WLS is very fast.

  • absorbation

    Honestly Windows Live Spaces offers nothing for me which another website has done better. It just seems to be one of those services that is just there, and people set up because they use Windows Live Messenger and discovered it by accident.

  • Alber1690

    What has really turned me (and maybe everybody else) off from Live Spaces is why it’s gotten really slow to load each page if you don’t have WLM running in the background. They have something on Spaces that tries to open WLM every time you load a page, and if it’s not opened, it really slugs down the experience. Others who don’t know why the site is suddenly slow and that they could prevent it by opening messenger [but don’t have to sign in] might just get ticked off and leave. It’s just one of the many little details that could end up creating the door to Facebook and MySpace. Although this is just US market share and Spaces performs really well in foreign markets, this should still be some sort of wake-up call for Spaces team.

  • quikboy

    It’s not even a social network. More or less, it’s where users can blog, share photos, and have some applications to display. That’s about it. More of a personal site than a social networking site. There aren’t even networks or groups to get into.

    Plus even with the improved UI, it just doesn’t feel as fluid and easy to go through. And it doesn’t have any true compelling reasons to use it then all the other real social networking sites. Live Spaces is still kind of cruddy.

  • Chris

    Totally agree with your comments. Given the possibilities of collaboration and integration with Messenger and Mail, Spaces has done poorly at leveraging the existing friends networks.

    There’s still hope with Wave 3 on the way, but its just becoming catchup now.