comScore US Search share numbers: Microsoft continues to spin wheels

The US search share numbers are out for February from comScore, and the bottom line is that its more of the same for Microsoft and Live Search.  US search share and Microsoft stock seem to share a lot in common, lots of hype and rhetoric about how things are getting better, and flat flat flat performance.  Except for an anomaly of a blip last June when Microsoft tried to play games with the numbers, literally, Microsoft has not made any advances in search share, and has actually lost a bit of share in the two years since Microsoft switched MSN Search to (Windows) Live Search.

For the record, here are the comScore numbers for February:

comscorefeb_thumb News

Even with a major revision last fall, and a stealth upgrade of the UI last week (and what was that all about, anyway?), in the US anyway, Live Search is going nowhere.  Oh well at least it didn’t lose 15% like Spaces.