MSN to produce original programming for MSN, MSNBC, and Xbox Live

MediaWeek is reporting on the unveiling of “an ambitious slate of original programming created for its multiple web platforms, including the MSN portal, and Xbox Live” before a group of ad agency and marketing types at a Digital Showcase in New York.  Microsoft emphasized  its commitment to producing targeted large scale web series, offering integrated advertising opportunities, according to Media Week:

Among the new series to come out of MSN’s Branded Entertainment group are In Need Of Repair, a male-aimed home improvement series featuring a pair of sophomoric, mostly inept hosts; and The Men’s Room, an instructional fashion series geared for 20-something men who are averse to reading magazines such as GQ and Details. Also in the works are Seven Secrets About…, a light look at the secrets of pop culture icons such as Justin Timberlake; 50 Greatest, a spoof of the multiple pop culture list shows common to VH1 and other cable networks; and What on Earth is Going On?, a channel/series aimed at raising social consciousness.

In addition to the MSN content, Microsoft showcased some new shows for, including Tom Brokaw’s Turning Points, Zeitgeist, featuring clips from “less important news items making headlines”, and The Scoop, hosted by Courtney Hazlett.

Plans for new content include Xbox Live, as well:

Lastly, Microsoft revealed plans to make Xbox Live, the online hub for Web connected users of its popular Xbox 360 console, a destination for original entertainment geared for 18-34 year old males. Among the shows in the works are the horror/comedy themed Scary Funny and the pop culture/entertainment junkie-aimed news magazine Culture Smash.

No word from MediaWeek on when these shows would be debuting, but we’re definitely waiting for XTwins, which “will feature a pair of long legged, attractive twin sisters who try their hands at games such as Guitar Hero and Halo 3”.